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In July 1981, Harry Brewer and Stewart Steele organized a ride from Erickson to the Swan River Stampede. The first night, they camped at Lake Audy, the next night at Ranch Creek, then Grandview. They stopped at Bield Community pasture, hosts of Joe and Lorrie Bergson, at two bush camps, a sawmill site and then at Sarah Lake. At last at Swan River, they received a

Whirlpool Riders.

welcome package of passes to the rodeo where they rode behind the parade marshall. There were riders from Erickson, Minnedosa, Brandon, Bethany, Elphinstone, Rolling River Reserve, Consort and Redcliffe, Alberta.

The Club held dances and films, took part in the Erickson fair parade and the July 1st parade in the park, as well as having a float in the Erickson Snow Festival parade. The club helped fix up the Erickson fair grounds and organized the horse show along with having achievement days, sleigh rides, tally-ho's and various other activities.

The Steinkop family were all members of the Club and they donated a travelling trophy to be given each year to the rider with the fastest time in the barrel racing. The Mary Thoren trophy was awarded for high point lady rider in the Erickson horse show. The Allan Shell born trophy was donated by the family for his favourite class, the Western Pleasure Class.