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Back Row, Left to Right: Ethel and Willie. Front: Allan and Bernice Anderson - 1929.

William John "Bill" born 1915.

Like his father, Bill was an outdoors man and while quite young his father trained him to use a gun by setting up a target area for practice. After leaving school Bill worked with his father in the park until John's death. He then acquired the farm on S.E. 22-18-18W. He married Margaret Thompson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson, a local veterinarian, in 1938. After a few years on the farm, Bill resumed his trade of carpentry, first in Minnedosa, and then settling in Erickson. In the mid '60's they moved to B.C. making their home in Campbell River until Bill's death in 1970. Margaret then moved to Vancouver where she passed away in 1978. They had four children.

Darrel, born 1941, married Carolyn Ennals. They had two children, Lori, and Sean. He has worked for many years in the B.C. legging industry.

Bain, born in 1943, and his wife, Diana, have four children, William, Bain, Bradley and Brenda. Bain has been in construction work, first in Manitoba and then in B.C. and lately in Alberta.

Gladys "Joann ", born 1951, and her husband Douglas Harding have one daughter Joanna. They reside in Surrey, B.C.

Rae, born 1956, was just fourteen when his father passed away. After completing high school he has had various types of employment but seems to return to construction work which is a family trade. He and his wife, Renna, have four children, Brent, Dawn, Martha and Dixie Joy. They now reside in Summerland, B.C.

After completing high school, Bernice Aida, born 1921, worked for a time at the Selkirk Mental hospital and then trained as a hairdresser. She married Erne Martin of Winnipeg and Basswood. War-time employment took them to Winnipeg where they resided until the mid 50's when they moved to Neilburg, Sask. There they operated

a Macleods' Hardware store until retirement and they still reside there.

They have three children: Maureen, born 1942, is married to George Chalmers. They have two sons, Bruce and Raymond. They live in Edmonton. Blaine born 1944, married Marilyn McGonegal of Neilburg and they live in Saskatoon where Blaine is a sergeant in the Saskatoon Police Force. They have three children, Scott, Brent, and Kara. Glenda, born 1946, married Richard Yachimec in Lloydminster. They have two children, Mark and Jessica.

Allan Eric, born 1923, served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. He then worked for the Department of Agriculture as an entomologist in Manitoba and Alberta. He married Phyllis Rushton, second daughter of Archie and Christine Rushton, in Calgary in 1950 and they made their home there. A victim of Multiple Sclerosis, Allan passed away in 1964. They had three children. Donna Lea Christine, born 1951 is a teacher. Diane Elizabeth, born 1953, is married to Lloyd Sutherland. They have a son, Joseph, born 1978. Diane is currently attending university. Eric John Allan, born 1955, pursues his artistic talents by painting. Phyllis and her family continue to live in Calgary. She is a registered nurse, as well as a public health nurse, and works for the city of Calgary Health Dept.


Bengt John Anderson, born 1865, lived in the U.S.A. for some years before coming to the Scandinavia area where he met Ida Hakanson. She was born in Min­ neapolis, Minn., U.S.A., and came to Scandinavia in 1885 with her family. She was a member of the first class in the Scandinavia School. In 1905, John had gone to the Clear Lake area to settle near the Clear Lake School location, remaining there about three years. While there he cleared about fifty acres. In 1907, he and Ida were married in Winnipeg. In 1908, he applied for homestead rights on N .E. of 31-18-18 and his brother Gust had the S.E. of 31 and they farmed together. Their home was on the south quarter. All their family except Willard, the youngest, were born while they lived there. They attended school at Tales nearly four miles away. In 1923 they moved to the farm south of Erickson on S.E. 29-17-18. After John's death in 1935, Ida carried on with the help of her son Willard. When he married she moved off the farm, lived in Erickson, Minnedosa and Gladstone where she was a resident of Third Crossing Manor until her death in 1978 at the age of ninety-four years.

The family were members of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the children were all confirmed there.

Alma, born 1909, of Winnipeg, married William Lacey and they had two daughters.

Lilly, born 1911, also went to Winnipeg. She married Oscar Johnson and they had two sons.

Albin, born 1913, received most of his education in Erickson.

Since their move from Danvers, that land had had several renters. Then Albin took it over in 1935. He married Eva Mazur in 1939 and they developed a real