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mixed farming operation. At one time they operated six quarters of land which required eight to ten horses. Interested in livestock, they raised mostly Shorthorn cattle having up to two hundred head at one time. Eva

was interested in turkeys and chickens. She set eggs under turkey hens rather than using an incubator and one year had the largest shipment of turkeys from Erickson. In later years she bought her turkey poults and chicks. They still reside on the farm.

They had one daughter and two sons. All attended Tales and Erickson High Schools.

Evelyne, born 1940, worked for Manco in Erickson for ten years and then in Dauphin. There she married Felix Kubas. They have two daughters, Tannis and Kyla.

Harvey, born 1941, after completing High School worked first with Manitoba Hydro and for the past fifteen years with the Manitoba Highways Branch in the Minnedosa area. He also operates the home farm.

Brian, born 1944, after finishing school, first worked on road construction with the Eden Brothers. He married Darlene Johnson, eldest daughter of Bill and Anne Johnson of Erickson. They reside in Brandon where Brian is employed at the Simplot Chemical Fertilizer Plant. They have five children: Jerri, Robyn, Jody, Jason and Tara.

Clifford born 1916. (refer to Anderson, Clifford and Isabell).

Willard born 1924, remained on the farm. In 1949 he married Juanita Sjovold, daughter of Alvin and Gillen Sjovold and they farmed the home place for five and a half years. In 1955, they had a sale and moved to Manly,

Iowa, U.S.A., where Willard now works for the Watkins Company. They had two girls born while living in Erickson, a son born at Manly, Iowa. Carolyn, born October 15, 1950, took her schooling in Manly, graduated from teachers college and married Jeff Lessemier of Alta, Iowa, where she still teaches. She has a family of two boys.

Gwen was born March 29, 1953, and took her schooling in Manly, graduating as an R.N., nursing at Minneapolis, later went to Johannesberg, South Africa, where she is still employed. She married Andy Morris of Johannesberg.

Their son Wayne, was born March 25, 1957, at Manly, Iowa. He graduated from University, and became em­ ployed in the Police Force at Mason City, Iowa. He married Kimberley Harman and has one son.

Willard rented out the farm for a few years and then sold it to P.M. Slobodian.

At the time of Ida's death she had fifteen grand­ children and twenty-three great-grandchildren. She and John are buried in the Scandinavia Cemetery.

Gust acquired and moved to S.E. 31-17-18 where he lived with Bob Johnson. He spent his last years with John and Freda Carlson in Erickson.



by Isabell

Edwin Clifford was born at Erickson on June 10,1916, and attended school in Erickson.

In November, 1939, he enlisted in Winnipeg with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Clifford went overseas with the first regiment in 1940 and was taken prisoner at the Dieppe Raid on August 19, 1942. He spent three and a half years in a German prison camp.

In June, 1945, Clifford returned to Canada, where he received his discharge.

Clifford married Isabell Ostrom, daughter of Fred and Jane Ostrom, in the United Church Manse in Minnedosa on November 26, 1946. For the next two years they farmed on the N.W. 29-17-18W and then in 1948 moved into Erickson. Clifford and Isabell went to Edmonton Alberta, in May, 1952, and Clifford worked on con: struction. In December, 1973, they returned to Erickson, where Clifford died on May 13, 1980. Isabell continues to live in their home.

Isabell and Clifford Anderson.

They had four children:

Linda was born at Erickson on April 23, 1947, and attended school in Edmonton, except for one year spent at Erickson. In 1964, she married Bernie Holmgren and they had three children; Sherry who married Delmar Mayor in 1982, Melanie and Nicole. Later Linda married Robert Sarrasin on December 20, 1975, in Edmonton, and they have two girls, Lindsay and Meagen. The family now reside in Calgary, Alberta.

Anne Marie was born in Erickson on January 26, 1951, and attended school in Edmonton. She married Lyle Letourneau of Smith, Alberta, on July 31, 1976. They are living in Airdrie, Alberta, and have a son, Adam and a daughter, Jessica.

Allan was born May 28, 1952, in Edmonton and at­ tended school there. On August 31, 1974, he married Yvonne Letourneau from Smith, Alberta. They have one daughter, Carol Anne and live in Edmonton.

Dale was born in Edmonton on February 20, 1960. He started school in Edmonton and in 1973, along with his parents, moved to Erickson where he graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1978. Dale then went to Calgary where he obtained employment as a truck driver. On May I, 1982, he married Eva Horak.