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by Alice Noto

Reuben and Isobel moved to the Scandinavia district in the fall of 1928 from the Smoland district south of Minnedosa. Reuben was born in Kansas, USA, and came with his folks to Canada. His parents farmed south of Minnedosa in the Roseneath district. Isobel was born at Elphinstone. There were five children in our family; Margaret, Edward, Alice, Eileen and Mildred. Mildred and Eileen were born in Scandinavia.

We moved to a farm east of Scandinavia school. My older sister and brother were already school age and-I started the following summer or fall. My first teacher's name was Miss Wilton. I also remember Miss Danielson and Miss Jury. Our neighbours at that time were Backland, Naslund's and Waterton's.

I don't recall how long we lived on this farm, but moved to another north and west of Otter Lake. Our neighbours to the west were Wickdahls and to the east Harrisons. I recall some mighty cold trips crossing Otter Lake in the winter to attend Scandinavia School. Many a ride was shared with the Harrison children and an old horse called Humpy and a long wooden toboggan. We also lived at Nebrob where Eileen, Mildred and myself finished our school years, the highlight of these being our Christmas concerts and picnics held at Pacey Lake. There are also many fond memories of the singsongs we had with the Tiller family with Mrs. Tiller at the organ, Mr. Tiller with the violin and Lorna with guitar.

I married Nels Noto in 1944. Nels came to Canada from Norway in 1924 and spent most of those years with the Gusdals. Our farm was north of Erickson, S.W. 22- 18-18W. Four of our children were born at Erickson; Garry, Kenneth, Linda and Donald. We moved to Brandon, where we still reside, in 1954, and our youngest son, Brian, was born in 1958. Our children are all married and also live and work in Brandon. We have nine grandchildren.

My brother Edward, while in the Army, met and married a girl from Rapid City.

Eileen became Mrs. Pat Doyle and she also resides in Brandon. They raised a family of three boys and four girls.

My sister Eileen and myself are the only surviving members of our family and often talk about our childhood and early teen years spent at Erickson. We find that as we grow older we only recall the good times and forget the bad.

Nels passed away in the autumn of 1983.


by Thora Lofgren

Axel and Emma were born and married in Sweden.

They emigrated to Chicago, Illinois.

Axel worked as a lumber jack and later was employed at a round house where they serviced locomotives. He knew a locomotive inside and out.

In 1909, they moved to Erickson and purchased S.W. 21-17-18W where they farmed for many years. Both were

active in the community.

On April 3, 1934, Emma passed away and Axel in December, 1934. Both are buried in Scandinavia Cemetery.


by Bill Andrews

Bill, son of Samuel and Maria Andrews of Minnedosa, received his education at Minnedosa and was awarded the Governor-General's Medal in Grade Eleven.

He was a Flight-Lieutenant in the Armed Forces and for three years was a prisoner-of-war in Germany. In the fall of 1945 he was discharged from the forces and spent the following two years at Red Lake, Ont., later opening the North American Lumber Company.

Bill married Hazel Graham in 1946. Hazel was born in 1916, the daughter of John and Mary Graham of Minnedosa. She attended school at Hazelwood and Minnedosa and worked at the William Rykiss and M.A. Clow stores. She was also a member of Earle Rutledge's Orchestra.

They moved to Erickson in 1948, purchasing the lumber yard from Olov Olson and later selling to the Beaver Lumber Company. They then purchased the Rainbow Cabins at Clear Lake from George and Daisy Knight, they later purchased Parkview Cabins. They subsequently moved back to Erickson, purchasing N.E. 30-17-18W and S.W. 31-17-18W from Percy McKenzie, where they farmed and raised cattle. They also purchased S.W. 32, from Anna Gusdal and resided there.

While in Erickson Bill and Hazel were active in community affairs, also curling and golfing. In 1963, they moved to Virden, Man., and operated a motel for some years, later moving to Moosomin and operating a pool-room, barber-shop and bowling-alley and rental apartments.

Hazel passed away in January, 1982, and is buried at Minnedosa Cemetery. Bill now resides at Highland Park, Brandon, Man.

They had one daughter, Pamela, born in 1952. She is married and has three children. Pam and her husband and family reside at Kamloops, B.C.


by grandson, Pax Crawley

My grandfather, Octavious Averill, was born in England in 1846 and his wife, Emma Peacey, in 1850, both in the Cotswold Hills country. After their marriage they lived on a rented farm quite near the village of Tetbury, where my mother was born in 1873. Just 100 years later I visited the house where she was born, and was shown over it.

Seeing no future for their children there, they decided to move to Canada. They sailed from Liverpool on the S.S. Sardinian on the 1st of April, 1880. Among other people aboard was a lady bringing 200 children from an institution in Liverpool to be placed in Canada. Eleven