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Scotty and Katherine Bell.


by Esther Benson

Olaf and Ragnhild came from Sweden about 1887.

With them were their three oldest children. They homesteaded S.E. 36-17 -18W and lived there until they bought N.E. 3-17-17W in 1906.

Ole and Ragnhild Benson and Baby.


They had eight children: Gustaj, Oscar (married Ada Gunnarson), George, Ole (married Esther Johnson), Jennie (married Helge Johnson), John (married Lily Gunnarson), Nellie (married Victor Armstrong), and Fredrick.

Lilly and John Benson.

Ole and Esther (Johnson) were married in 1918 and farmed S.W. 11-17-17W. They had four children:

Charles; an unnamed infant; Donald, who died in childhood; and Dorothy who is married and lived in Vernon, B.C.

Charles and Wanda (Kasprick) were married in 1946, soon after he returned from military service. They far­ med N.W. 2-17-17W. They have seven living children:

Linda, Judy, Donna, Daniel, Jane, David and Gary, and three deceased: Wayne, Dolores and Nelson.

In 1976, they bought the hotel and restaurant in Clanwilliam. Mr. Benson died accidentally in 1978, but Mrs. Benson continues to operate the restaurant.


by Flora Ehlin

Carl Edward Bohm Bengtson was born May 1st, 1872, in Uddevalla, Sweden. When quite young, he went to sea, sailing first from Goteborg, Sweden, and later from Liverpool, England. Carl often spoke of his sailing days and of its effect on his life. One of his worst experiences was being shipwrecked off the coast of Newfoundland. Realizing that he might never reach land and his mother would not know where he was or what had happened to him, he vowed should he ever reach land, he would always keep in touch with his family, a vow he kept,