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donated the land for Bethel Lutheran Church and Cemetery which was built in 1912. Mrs. Berg died in 1921 at the age of fifty-nine years. She was a hard working pioneer women whose heart gave out. (indeed one of our early liberated women, who had the courage to seek a better life in the new world.)

Sigurd Mathias Berg, was the youngest child and one year old when they came to Danvers. He attended Canadian schools and then went to Augsburg College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was or­ dained into the Lutheran Free Church ministry in June of 1935. His first Parish was in Hawarden, Saskatchewan. Later he served several parishes in the States. He married Elsie Hermanson and to this union five children were born, Arvid, Virginia, Eldon, Muriel and Keith. Pastor Sigurd Berg died on the 21st of December, 1980, and is buried in Willmar, Minnesota.

Rev. (Gustav) G.P. Ronholm came as Pastor to the Emmanuel and Bethel Lutheran Parish in the summer of 1922. He was born in Stord, Norway, and came to the United States at the age of nineteen in 1910. He was ordained into the Lutheran Free Church ministry in June of 1922. Pastor Ronholm married Anna Berg, who was the church organist, August l3, 1924.

This was the second wedding in the Bethel Church.

Members and friends of both congregations were invited. Mayme, Mrs. Peter Lee, was in charge of the arrangements. Three of the Ronholm children were born while they served here - the twins, Olive and Ellen, and Elsie.

When Pastor Ronholm came to Canada he did not own a car, but purchased his first, an Overland Coupe from Ole Berg who was in the car business in Erickson. He would spend one weekend in the Immanuel Church and one in the Bethel Church. The Berg home was often the place where the Pastor stayed when serving the Bethel Church. In 1927, Rev. Ronholm accepted a call to the Newfolden, Minnesota Parish. Here daughter Grace and sons - Palmer, James and David were born. Pastor Ronholm passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 8th, 1962 at the age of 72 years.

Mrs. Ronholm is still in good health and lives with her daughter Olive in Minneapolis. Peter Berg lived his last three years with his daughter Anna's family in Newfolden, Minnesota. He died in July of 1942, at the age of 80 years, and is buried in the Bethel Cemetery. Peter Berg was friendly, easy going, hardworking, always ready to help with the "newcomers" as the immigrants were called. He never accumulated wealth but he never went hungry in the New World as he had done in Nor­ way. When he left Norway times were poor. He told of how he went hungry, as there was not enough to eat, as he herded goats and cattle in the mountains. The Berg's loved their home, church and the country of Canada, never wishing themselves back in Norway, although Peter would have loved to visit Norway again. They were our true pioneers-homesteaders - who endured the hardships and blessings of the New Land - loved by their neighbors and community - missed when they were gone.


by Ellen Kjartanson

My parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. Rones, both who had come from Norway. My dad came first then my mother followed. They married and lived at Dinorevic, Ontario.

I was born in Dryden, Ontario. After a fatal accident to my father, my mother was left with a tiny girl to raise in a strange country where she knew very little of the language or customs and had no money. She finally took up housekeeping, coming to Inwood. She came later to the Berg's in Erickson in 1933. Here she married Ole Berg, the son of P.O. Berg who now farmed his father's land.

Left to Right: Bertha, Ole, Ellen, Orville, and Roy Berg.