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Alfred married Selma Wickdahl, daughter of Bernt and Gertrude Wick dahl of Erickson. He was a carpenter by trade and built his own home in Erickson which now is owned by Christine Johnson. Alfred built the pulpit and the altar in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

In 1918, he built the stand for the Christmas Cake at the T. Eaton Co. in Winnipeg.

Alfred and Selma moved to the United States and have since passed away.

They had four children; Helen, Arvid, Lorna and Tommy. Some of their children did attend Erickson school.


by Isabell Anderson

August and Linda came from Angermanland Sweden in 1892. They applied for a homestead N.E. 22-18-17W on September 1, 1900 and received the title on June 9, 1904. August farmed and also operated a blacksmith shop. The family later moved to S.W. 4-18-18W, near Erickson.

Linda passed away in June 1925.

August and the two youngest daughters remained on the farm until moving to British Columbia. August returned to live in Erickson with his daughter Jane Ostrom until he passed away in 1934. August and Linda had eight children.

Eugenia (Jane) was born on August 26, 1897, in the Norland District. She cooked for her brothers, Arnold and Einar, when they had a sawmill and also worked for Henry Miller in the hotel in Erickson. At one time she had her own bakeshop on Main Street. She also worked in the Neepawa Hospital. Jane married Fred Ostrom on December 11, 1926. (refer to Ostrom - Fred and Jane).

Arnold was born on May 2, 1898. He and his brother, Einar, had a sawmill and also a garage in Erickson. Arnold married Carrie Oberg and they moved to Van­ couver where he worked in a sawmill. Arnold died in April, 1947.

Arnold and Carrie had two daughters: Eileen and Audrey.

Einar was born on January 26, 1900. Along with his brother, Arnold, he operated a sawmill and a garage in Erickson. Einar married Florence Eveally, of Vancouver, and they lived there until the time of his death.

Fritchojj was born February 27, 1902. (refer to Bergwall- Fritchoff and Florence).

Nora was born December 10, 1903. She worked in the Neepawa Hospital for a time but lived most of her life in the United States.

Mabel was born August 15, 1907, and attended school in Erickson. She married Emil Olson and spent most of her life in B.C. Mabel has since passed away.

Lily was born November 9, 1909, received her schooling in Erickson, and spent some time in B.C. She married Einar Magnell and they reside on the home farm, N.W. 34-17-18W in the R.M. of Clanwilliam. Lily is the

only surviving member of the August Bergwall family.

Margaret was born on December 18, 1913, and at­ tended school in Erickson. She was married in Vancouver to Joe Robinson who was in the Air Force during the war. Margaret has since passed away.


by Keith and Vel Bergwall

Fritchoff (Fritz) was born on the family homestead on N.E. 22-18-17W in the R.M. of Clanwilliam on February 27, 1902. On November 25, 1926, he married Florence Anderson, eldest daughter and first child of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson. They made their home on N.E. 25- 18-19W in the R.M. of Harrison and part of the Tales School District. Here their two sons, Keith and Donald, were born.

During his lifetime, Fritz worked in logging camps and did mill work. He also built sawmills and one of these that was built by Fritz and Dick Lofgren is in the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin, Manitoba and is one of the feature attractions at the annual Threshermen's Reunion.

In 1931, their first home was destroyed by fire and they lost all their possessions. However, a new home was built on the same property and they resided there until the time of Fritz's death on May 5, 1968. During the latter years Fritz drove a road patrol for the R.M. of Clanwilliam. He was a musical man and played the violin and guitar, often entertaining his family and friends, singing favorite songs.

Florence, as mother and homemaker, kept the home fires burning. She also enjoyed sewing for family and friends. She later cooked at many of the camps where Fritz was employed. For many years she enjoyed a suite in Parkland Home in Erickson. She is now in the Fair­ view Care Home in Brandon.


by Vel Bergwall

Keith Neil was born at Erickson on October 21, 1928, and received his education at Tales School. After leaving school he resided in Vancouver for a short period of time and was employed at Westeel. The remainder of his time at the west coast was spent working in logging camps. In 1948, Keith returned to Manitoba and joined the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and spent the next three years at Shilo.

On February 20, 1952, he married Velda Colquhoun in Winnipeg and spent the next three years in that city. Later Keith was employed by the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and worked with his dad driving a cater­ pillar. The family then moved to Brandon, where Keith spent the next five years working at Brandon Packers. On resigning from that job he went to work at Metals In­ dustries and is still employed by that firm as Shop Superintendent.