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Vel after working for Perth's Brandon Limited for a number of years, decided to return to school and enrolled at the Assiniboine Community College. It wasn't called ACC at that time and the classes were held in the Agricultural School. In 1966, she received her Certificate in stenography and went to work for the Brandon City Police Department as Supervisor in their Central Registry. After 14 years in that position she resigned and went to work for the Manitoba Attorney-General's Department and is employed with that Department to date.

Heather Dawn was born March 8, 1953, at the Women's Pavilion in Winnipeg. When she was three years old the family moved to Erickson, where she at­ tended Erickson Elementary School in Grade One. The remainder of her elementary and high school education was obtained in Brandon. In 1971 Heather graduated from Brandon Collegiate and went to work at the Clinic Pharmacy, where she spent the next two years. Following this she worked at the Westoba Credit Union for another two years. At this time she decided to further her education and in 1978 she graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science degree and was awarded the Arthur and Abbie Vining Memorial Scholarship. After graduation Heather moved to Vancouver and in 1979 she enrolled at the University of British Columbia and graduated in 1981 with a Master's degree in Business Administration. Heather is presently employed by Boeing Computer Services Canada Limited in Vancouver as a Technical Representative.

Keith Brett was born in the Erickson Hospital on March 15, 1958. When he was 18 months old the family moved to Brandon and Brett received all his education in that city. On leaving school Brett went to work at Metals Industries, where he remained for three years. On leaving Metals he was employed for four years as a welder on drill ships in the Beaufort Sea. At present Brett is a member of the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Welders and is employed by that union on various construction jobs throughout western Canada whenever and wherever the services of a welder are required. Brett is engaged to Wendy Shawn Pulak of Forrest, Man.


by Don Bergwa//

Donald Bergwall was born in Erickson on April 25, 1931. He was educated at Tales School. At age 16 he began working on road construction, where he operated all types of heavy equipment. On April 9, 1958, he married Tena Higgs of Holland, Man. He worked as a foreman with the Manitoba Department of Highways in Brandon until 1964, when he was transferred to Virden as a Highways Department Superintendent. Don and Tena raised three sons, Ken, Deryl and Duane.

Kenneth Bruce was born July 14, 1959, in Killarney, Man. He was educated in Virden and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Geological). He is presently employed with Tording Coal in Elkford, B.C.


Deryl Neil was born May 21, 1962, in Brandon. Deryl graduated from high school in Virden and took a drafting course at Brandon Assiniboine Community College. He is presently employed as a welder at Metals Industries in Brandon.

Duane Earl was born July 21, 1965, in Virden. At present Duane is attending Virden Collegiate. He plans to attend Assiniboine Community College in Brandon after graduation.


by the Family

Paul and Katherine and their family of three sons and two daughters immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1904, and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had a family orchestra and played for weddings, dances, parties and other entertainment events.

In 1912, Joseph married Mary Oleniuk and they lived in Winnipeg for a couple of years. In 1914, they moved to a homestead in the Interlake District of Gypsumville, where they farmed until 1922. Then due to adverse farming conditions, swampy land and early frost, they and their family of five moved to their brother, William Oleniuk's farm in the R.M. of Clanwilliam. Around 1925, they decided to move to Erickson. Joseph worked in railroad construction for Churchill C.N. Railroads in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Joseph and Mary Berkowski.

Let us try to learn the difference between keeping your chin up and sticking your neck out.