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Barney, son of Paul and Katherine Berkowski was born in the Interlake District and attended the school that bordered their farm. When his parents, Joseph and Mary, moved to Erickson he attended school in Erickson. At the age of 15 years he started working part time at the Erickson Garage, owned by Marinus Neilson. After finishing high school, he worked full time. In 1938, he married Anne Misanchuk, in the St. Nicholas Church in Ozerna. They bought a house from Alfred Armstrong and moved it on a lot given to them by his father. Barney continued working at the Erickson Garage, after Theodore Neilson bought the garage from his brother, until 1947, when they decided to have their own business. They bought a corner lot located on Main Street from Philip Gusdal, which was part of the Erickson Hardware store previously owned by Carl J. Johnson. Before this it was a doctor's office and drug store.

With North Star Oil Company affiliation, they built a service station and called it "Barney's Service Station". Not having much money they worked hard as a family, as his wife Anne and their oldest daughters were trained to operate the gas pumps and wash cars. There were many long hours of hard work, but they all enjoyed it, and their business prospered.

After a few years they decided to expand the business and in 1951, they operated the British American Oil Company Service Station at Clear Lake, Manitoba. It was a good place to work and a summer holiday for the family. They would move to the lake for the two months when school was out. The family really enjoyed it, but it also meant hard work and late hours, but they were all willing to make the sacrifice. By now, they had a family of five and their own help. They operated the service station during the summer months until 1959.

The following summer, with their son-in-law, Dennis Skog as mechanic, they decided to purchase the Esso Garage from Chris Skovmose. In partnership with Dennis, it was operated as Dennis and Barney's Service Station until 1973, when it was sold. Their present business, Barney's Service Station, offering 35 years of service, was bought out in 1960 by Shell Canada Oil Company and Products. Their family of one son and four daughters are on their own, with various careers. They all received their education in Erickson Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate Institute. The following are their children.

Gerri, their eldest daughter, after graduating from high school, attended Manitoba Technical Institute, now called Red River Community College, in Winnipeg. She graduated as a legal secretary and worked for a group of lawyers. She then married Ken Phillips and moved to Vancouver, B.C. She is now employed as a secretary at the Kwantlen College. They have two daughters, Lana and Lisa. Lana has graduated from high school and is working. Lisa is still attending high school.

Gloria, residing in Erickson, married Dennis Skog. She is employed as a librarian at Erickson Collegiate and Dennis is the mechanic at Barney's Service Station. They have three children, two sons, Dwayne and Darren, and a daughter, Kim.

Left to Right: Gerrie, Janice, Barney, Larry, Anne, Gloria, Lenore Berkowski.

Dwayne and Kim have graduated from Erickson Collegiate and Darren is presently going there. Dwayne is married to Barb Prawdzik and they live in Fort McLeod, Alberta. Dwayne is employed with Trans Alberta Utilities and Barb is with the Royal Bank of Canada in Leth­ bridge, Alberta. Kim is married to Neil Fleming and they live in Brandon. Kim is employed at the Royal Bank of Canada and Neil at Gladso Builders. Lenore, after finishing her education at Erickson Collegiate, attended St. Michael's Academy in Brandon. She took a secretarial course and worked at Great West Life in Brandon. Lenore then moved to Vancouver, B.C. and worked for a few years at Royal Trust Co. She married Bob Bovyer, who also worked at Royal Trust Co. They have two children, a son Craig, and a daughter, Carly, both attending school. They reside in Richmond, B.C. Larry, their only son, finished his education at Erickson Collegiate. He helped in the garage in his spare time, then took a mechanics course at the Assiniboine College in Brandon. After graduating, he went to Lethbridge, Alberta, and is employed as manager of the Wooleo Automotive Centre.

Janice, after graduating attended Red River Com­ munity College in Winnipeg, and took a writing course called Creative Communications. Upon graduating, she received an award for Excellence in Television, from the Broadcasting Association of Manitoba, presented to her by Stuart Craig of CKX-TV in Brandon. Janice worked at CKYD-TV in Dauphin and CKX-TV in Brandon, before moving to Lethbridge, Alberta, where she worked for CFAC-TV. She was promoted to Senior Creative Editor and has won many awards for her work. She still resides in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The average male is sixty-five pounds of muscle and a little over three pounds of brains. Maybe that explains a lot of things.