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When the decision was made that a local history be compiled as one of the projects of the R.M. of Clan­ william for its Centennial and a committee chosen, it was with keen interest that this work was begun. To gather the history of its development in the past century and of the people who made it possible has been a major task, much greater than first realized. However, we have at­ tempted to reflect as accurately as possible the events known to us. Accomplishing this project and thereby preserving much which would otherwise be lost to present and future generations has been a rewarding one.

History can be told in many ways. This book does not pretend to be history as taught in school by someone trained to teach. It is a simple account of life as it af­ fected the common folk who settled the area as told by the people who experienced it, the people who have come and stayed, those who have come and gone, but each leaving his or her mark on that period of time. Memories fade and dates become confused so some of these tales may not be as accurate as one would wish. If this is the way things are remembered let us, instead of being critical, be grateful for the recollections gathered and shared in this book. No doubt much has been missed altogether.

There are many acknowledgements which need to be made. First of all, the enthusiasm of so many past and present residents was very encouraging. Without the co-

operation of those who recorded the history of those who made it, there would be no book. Financing would have been a problem without the generous grant from the New Horizons program and Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage and Recreation. With advice from the publisher, we were able to organize our procedures without too much difficulty. Typists and our photographer have given generously of their time. Space in local business premises made both the work of compiling material and making contact with the public simpler. Without the assistance and interest of many, many people and the orders for books received, this project would not have been accomplished. The com­ mittee expresses its gratitude to everyone who helped in any way in this tremendous task.

Though we are one hundred years old we have no century farms in our area. We do, however, have about twenty farms which are still operated by the descendants of original owners. Perhaps in another fifty or one hundred years, another group will prepare Volume Two of our history and we pass the challenge on to them. We regret the errors and omissions we have made, and our inability and inexperience in this effort. We have tried to give our readers a fair idea of how this area was developed. It proved to be an interesting labour of love and we hope many will enjoy the results.


Thora Lofgren - President Ethel Neilson - Vice-President Leona Gustafson - Sec.-Treas. Harriet Lee - Coordinator Irene Kopeechuk

Phyllis Skoglund

Lily Wilmot

Raymond Lofgren - Photographer

Viola Miller Einar Sundmark Arthur Haralson Arthur Koping Mary Koping Harry Paulsen Clifford Carlson