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Kevin in Sudbury, Ontario.

Michael Jr: Born in 1939 and died at birth.

Sherian Rose: Born February 1, 1949, attended schools in Erickson, worked as a waitress for Wally's Cafe and then in Winnipeg for A.E.I. Telecommunications. On June 28, 1969, she married Larry Chemerika. (refer to Chemerika, Sam and Mary).


by daughter Joyce

Many happy years, both in raising their children, and in business in Erickson, were enjoyed by the Brekke family.

Marius, was born in Norway, and came to Canada, to the Erickson community in May, 1911. Hedvig, was born in Scandinavia, where her parents, Clara and "King" Hemmingson ran a sawmill and the Immigration House. Hedvig and Marius were married on December 25, 1918. Their venture was a homestead in Chaplin, Saskat­ chewan. After experiencing "hailouts, etc." they decided to move to the Erickson area, where they could raise their family, and be closer to schools, relatives and friends. Marius and Hedvig enjoyed a challenging life of business, having run butcher shops and bakeries in Newdale and

Sisters, Olga Freko and Hedvig Brekke.


Strathclair, then back to Erickson, where they opened a bakery and ran the telephone office for many years. Marius built a store on Main Street, which later became the first movie theatre in Erickson, the "Ban". They operated the theatre until 1944, when they moved to British Columbia. Marius operated a confectionery store in New Westminster for 19 years. Theirs was always a joint effort of wife and husband.

Marius and Hedvig raised four children:

Douglas married Ruth Dowman of Dauphin. They have two sons, James and Bruce, and they now reside in Victoria, B.C.

Allan married June Thompson, and have a son Randy, and a daughter Bonnie. They reside in Winnipeg.

Morris married Joan Arnold. They have a son Keith, and a daughter Brenda. Morris passed away in 1955. The family resides in Sask.

Joyce married James Howes. They have four children Dick, Douglas, Donald and a daughter Jane. Joyce and children reside in Delta, B.C.

Hedvig and Marius made many holiday trips to Manitoba, not only to see their children, but also to visit their many relatives and friends in Erickson. They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1968 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Freko, Erickson.

Hedvig Brekke passed away in September, 1974. Marius Brekke passed away in June, 1980.


Harry John, son of Thomas "Ted" and Anne Brewer of Minnedosa was born September 28, 1915. In 1938, Harry married Ruth Mary Leone Myers, daughter of Charles and Pearl Myers of Minnedosa.

In 1954, they moved from Clan william to N. W. 16-18- 18W known as the Andy Rognan farm in the Danvers district. Ruth has worked at the Erickson Hospital. In 1981, Harry and Ruth retired but reside on the home quarter. Harry enjoys horseback riding while Ruth enjoys travelling.

Their four children are:

Kaye Mary Leone, born March 6, 1939, and attended school at Empire, Grey and Erickson. She married Russell Tiller. (refer to Tiller, Harry and Thyra).

Donald William, born February 23, 1944, and attended school at Empire, Grey, Tales and Erickson. In 1965, he married Mabel Wickdahl, daughter of Gustav and Ida Wick dahl. They have two daughters; Lana Louise born January 17, 1966, and Carma Ruth born June 20, 1970. The family reside at The Pas, Manitoba, where Don works for Manfor and Mabel teaches.

Mervin was born December 3, 1947, at Minnedosa Hospital. He attended school at Tales and Erickson, a member of the 4-H Beef Club, winning trophies for his calves. Mervin worked for Veterans Construction and the Manitoba Hydro before he returned to the farm. On November 15, 1969, he married Dorothy Jean Fleger of Birnie, Manitoba. Dorothy was born September 9, 1949, and was teaching school at Erickson when she met Mervin. In 1973, they purchased S.E. 21-18-18W from