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John and Norman Stone. Dorothy is employed at the Royal Bank, Erickson. Mervin and Dorothy have a son Bradley Kevin, born January 17, 1974, at Minnedosa Hospital. Bradley is a busy boy, attending Erickson Elementary school, playing baseball and hockey.

Charlene Ruth, born October 27, 1951, attended school at Tales, Erickson Elementary, graduating from Erickson Collegiate in 1970. On July 13, 1974, Charlene and Alex Geletchuk were married. On January 4, 1972, Charlene became employed with the Royal Bank, Erickson as a proof teller and Teller. Alex is a grain farmer on N.E. 9-18-18W and during the winter months is employed by Mid West Drilling Co. Alex, son of Harry and Anna Geletchuk. In 1959, the Geletchuk family moved from Rama, Saskatchewan to N. W. 32-18-18W until retirement. Harry has since passed away and Anna resides in the Village of Erickson.

Harry Brewer Farm.


by Arend Brookman

Arend came to Winnipeg from Gronigen, Holland in 1952. Ollie was born in Myrnam, Alberta. Arend had learned the plumbing trade in Holland, so when he came to this country, he took up the same trade.

Having visited this part of the country, they thought the country side so beautiful they made the decision to move here.

Arend and Ollie came to Erickson with their family, Donna-Lynn, Darlene and Kenneth in 1963.

Here, Arend continued his plumbing trade, eventually going into business for himself. As the years passed the eldest son Kenneth got his plumbing trade and joined his father in the business.

Another son, James, who was born in Minnedosa

Hospital in 1969 is also his father's helper.

In 1975, they purchased three acres on the corner of S.E. 1O-18-18W from Paul and Kay Kotyk on which they built their home.

Ollie is presently employed at the Erickson Elementary school.

Donna-Lynn passed away in 1965 at the age of ten and a half. She is buried in the Erickson Cemetery. Darlene is presently making her home in Calgary, Alberta, working as a secretary.


Peter Bruce was born and educated in Winnipeg. In 1934, he married Dorothy Hall. They moved to Erickson where Peter was employed at Lake Lands Creamery. Peter and Dorothy had two children. In 1947, they moved to Winnipeg where Peter was employed by Modern Dairies. Peter retired due to ill health, he passed away in 1973.

Dorothy was employed by Anthony Foster of Win­ nipeg for a number of years until her retirement.

Their two children were Barry - born at Erickson in 1937. He received his education in Erickson and Win­ nipeg. He is a Major in Reserve Army. Barry married Geraldine Charnley. They have two children, Barry Jr. and Sandra.

Beverley was born at Erickson in 1939. She received her education at Erickson and Winnipeg. She was married to Edward Gray. They have two daughters, Debbie and Sherrie.


In October 1928, Wilfred, and wife Ina and nine month old son, Lawrence came from Gilbert Plains, Manitoba to this area, purchased S.W. 28-18-19W in the Unorganized Territory. A house was needed on the farm, so the first Winter was spent with Wilfred's brother Frank. On July 31, 1929, Wilfred, Ina and young son moved to their farm. Wilf obtained employment as Camp Cook in the Riding Mountain National Park and later as Night Baker in the Relief camp. He also cooked in camps on Norgate road and to the junction of Lake Audy and North towards Dauphin. In the fall of 1935, the family moved to the "Doner" house in Erickson, returning to the farm in the Spring of 1936. In 1937, moving again to Erickson.

In 1941, Wilf enlisted in the Armed Services and spent one year at Umnak Island, Alaska under command of the American Airforce. In 1946, he returned to Erickson and purchased the Herman Armstrong house, worked as a cook <11 Ivar's Grill. In the fall of 1947, Wilf was em­ ployed by Woods Department, Pine Falls, leaving Ina and family behind until September 15, 1951, when the family moved to their future home.

While in the Erickson Community, Ina was an active member of the Red Cross, the Women's Institute, Legion