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Halverson, Harvey Johnson, and W.H. Shaw. I also worked in the post office during the busy season handling mail. Time was spent helping Mr. Edgar Miller do janitor work at the school. At that time the school was heated with the wood/coal furnace and that meant early mornings to get the school warm for class time. As all young people yearn for a car, my desire was the same. How proud I was to own my first car, a '34 Chev Coupe. It faithfully carried me and my friends to ball games, curling games, and sometimes there was enough money to take in a movie.

Winter activity that was a joy was curling. Hours were spent watching the rocks come down the ice 'just right'. The summer of 1950, I worked for Gordon Freko for three months at the B.A. service station at Clear Lake. When it was closed in September I was employed with the Erickson Co-op and have been there for 32 years.

My parents moving to Pine Falls in 1951, meant I had to find another place to live. I lived with my twin sister, Dorothy, and her husband Eskil Ullberg on their farm for about a year. Moving back to Erickson, I boarded with Mrs. Anna Hall and then later moved to the home of Roy and Martha Shellborn.

On Sunday morning, July 15, 1956, Viola Shellborn and I were married in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Rev. Vernon Sundmark officiated at our wedding. We rented the house from Mom and Dad S. until March, 1957, then moved down on the Hill place and lived there while we built our own home. We moved into our new house on Halloween Day, 1957.

Our first child was born January 6, 1958, and was christened Elaine Marie on Easter Sunday. She was the New Year's baby born at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit that year. The next year another little girl was blessed to us in February. Elva Grace was christened on Easter Sunday that year. December 1961, we had a son Murray born to us. He was christened on Easter Sunday, 1962. Drs. Morley and Nancy Sirett delivered our children and they were all born at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. After our children were in school Viola also went back to school. At first she did volunteer music for some classes at the elementary school and later was employed as school secretary. Later she went to the Collegiate to be school secretary there.

Community involvement has meant working with the Cubs, 4-H, Youth leaders, as well as being involved with musical activities and church work.

Our children received their education first at the elementary school and then at the high school. They all graduated from the E.C.!. The fall of 1976, Elaine enrolled in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba, graduating from there in May, 1980. She married Douglas Lochhead August, 1979, and their first child, Andrea Eva Grace was born November 1, 1982. They currently reside in Winnipeg.

Elva enrolled at the University of Manitoba in the fall of 1977, receiving her degree in Physical Education May, 1981. She has been actively involved in body-building. She married Randolf Pearson July, 1982, and has been enrolled in Pre-Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Elva and Randy are living in Winnipeg.

In the fall of 1979, Murray attended Red River

The Dorland Burkett Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Murray, Viola, Dorland, Elva and Randy Pearson. Front Row: Elaine, Andrea and Doug Lochhead - December, /982.

Community College in the area of Mechanical Engineering. He is living in Winnipeg and is employed with Lion Industries.

We celebrated our silver wedding anniversary July, 1981. Living in this one community our entire life has caused our roots to become well established and consider R.M. of Clanwilliam and the Village of Erickson a great place to live.


by Burns Foods Public Relations Office

Patrick was born July 6, 1855 to Michael and Bridget O'Bryne at Oshawa, Ontario. As time passed the family lost the Irish flavour of its name, becoming Bryne and eventually Burns.

Pat's formal schooling was only brief, but it was long enough to give him an introduction to the harsher realities of the business world.

One of his friends at school in Kirkfield was William Mackenzie, who was destined to win fame with Donald Mann when he undertook to build thousands of miles of Canadian railway.

There was a considerable age difference between the two boys, but that did not prevent them from seeing a great deal of each other. For a time they worked in partnership on a potato digging contract but according to Pat Burn's version this was a disillusioning experience. The Irish-Canadian lad did most of the digging, and true to the traditions of his ancestry, and Scottish-Canadian reaped most of the reward.

But the two maintained a close bond of friendship and when Mackenzie and Mann were building railroads in later years, the beef to feed the workers was to come from Pat Burns.

By 1878 there were ten children in the Michael O'Bryne