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Ina and Wilfred Burkett.

Auxiliary and a 4-H leader. In 1973, Wilfred passed away and interred at the Erickson Cemetery. Ina is currently residing in Brandon. Wilfred and Ina's six children are:

Lawrence, born in February, 1928, at Gilbert Plains, Manitoba. He started school at Whirlpool where he and sister Joyce, travelled to school by dog-team during the Winter months. Lawrence, later attended Erickson School and was a member of the Boy Scouts. He was employed at Shilo, Man. for Bird Const. then to Harper Const. building elevators, until moving to British Columbia again being employed in Carpentry work. In March, 1961, Lawrence married Elsie Benson formerly of Erickson. They moved to Dawson Creek, B.C. operated a Service Station and are now residing at Winnfield, B.C.

Joyce, born July, 1929, at Clear Lake, attended school at Whirlpool, Erickson and St. Michael's Academy, Brandon. While in Erickson, Joyce was an active member of the Girl Guides and Boys' and Girls' Club. During the summer holidays, she worked for Mrs. Ruth McKay at the Snack Bar, Clear Lake. Joyce graduated as a Registered Nurse from the St. Boniface Hospital School of Nursing, and remained in Winnipeg, where she worked, and resided with the late Mrs. Marion McKenzie. Joyce moved to Pine Falls, Man. where she married Sidney Waldron. (refer to Waldron, Sid and Joyce.)

Dorothy, twin, born June 3, 1931, attended school at Erickson and was an active member in the Girl Guides and 4-H. In December 1949, Dorothy married Eskil Vllberg. (refer to Ullberg, Arvid and Ida.)

Dorland, twin, born June 3, 1931. (refer to Burkett, Dorland and Viola).

Marjorie, born in 1935, at Erickson with Lillian


Cumming, R.N. as Midwife. She received her education at Erickson and Pine Falls. She enjoyed being a Girl Guide. Marjorie received a Secretarial Course and was employed in the Bank when she met Murray Black. Marjorie and Murray were married in January, 1958. Murray's employment 'with the Toronto Dominion Bank has led them to live in various locations. They had four children, Susan, Karen, Robbie, and Bruce. Their first home was in Winnipeg, then a transfer to Thunder Bay, Ontario. While living there, their daughter Susan passed away. They later moved back to Manitoba and lived in Winnipeg, Thompson and Brandon where they are presently residing. Marjorie enjoys returning to Clear Lake every summer.

Beryl, born in June, 1936, attended school at Erickson and Pine Falls, a Girl Guide and 4-H member. She graduated as a Registered Nurse at the St. Boniface Hospital school of Nursing. Beryl married Albin Mayor. (refer to Mayor, Albin and Beryl).

Beryl, Dorothy, Joyce, Dorland, Sonny, Marjorie, Ina and Wilfred Burkett.


I am the fourth child of Wilfred and Ina Burkett born in the Unorganized Territory close to Clear Lake. The first four years were spent on the farm then in the fall of 1935, my parents, brother, and sisters spent the winter months in Erickson. We moved back to the farm for the summer and back to Erickson in October 1937. My entire life has been spent in this area. School days were at Erickson School and I graduated in 1950. Dad being in the war, chore duties became my responsibility. Spending money was earned by doing chores for Conrad