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by Arthur Butler

Arthur (B.S.A. Hons., M.Sc., B. Ed.) and Elsie (B.A., B.Ed.) with their son Walter (Wally) age five, and daughter, Kerrie, age three, came from a Registered Angus and grain farm in Solsgirth-Foxwarren area to Erickson in September, 1970.

Art taught in the Erickson Collegiate as a classroom teacher until his appointment as Principal in 1973. He has been active in many community organizations and has a special interest in fiying, sports and his farm.

Elsie has taught senior English in the Collegiate since 1970 and has assisted with Guidance and Counselling.

Wally graduated from the Erickson Collegiate in 1982, from the University Entrance program with several academic sports awards. His interest in hockey led him to play his Bantam to Juvenile hockey in Minnedosa. On his seventeenth birthday, he received his Private Pilot's Licence from Maple Leaf Aviation in Brandon. He enrolled in the Faculty of Administrative Studies at the University of Manitoba in 1982.

Kerri has been involved in the Erickson 4-H Economics Club, winning many awards for her sewing and han­ dicraft projects and for demonstrations. She has a keen interest in sports and has won, following in her brother's footsteps, both the Junior High and Senior High Athlete of the Year Awards at the Erickson Collegiate.


Mike Byskal, son of John and Martha (Novalkowsky) Byskal, was born in Sandy Lake in 1902. He was one of the seven children in the family. Michael attended the Round Lake School. In 1926, he married Mary Oleniuk, daughter of Bill and Tekla Oleniuk of the Westmount District. Mary was born in the Ukraine in 1907. She travelled to Canada in 1921 with her mother and sister Ann. In Canada, they joined their father who had come over in 1913 and worked for the Greenlaws'. Mary also worked for the Greenlaw's for four years. Together Mike and Mary built a house in 1932, in the Erickson District and ran a farm. Mike also worked in other areas. He, along with his horses, aided in building the old No. 10 highway and he also worked with the big threshing gangs.

Mike owned the first Model T car in the Round Lake District. Mike and Mary belonged to the Sacred Heart Church and were members of the parish when the new church was built.

They farmed in the district until Mike died in 1969.

Mary moved from the farm to reside in the town of Erickson after her son, Stanley, built a house there in 1978 where she is presently living. Mike and Mary had four children.

Stanley John, born in 1929. Stanley attended grade school at Westmount School. After several years of helping his father farm, Stanley was employed in road construction and land clearing until the time of his father's death in 1969. He then returned to the farm and has since been in the business of farming. He presently


Mike and Mary Byskal= 1945.

resides with his mother in Erickson.

Sylvia Ann, born in 1932 attended grade school in Westmount. Sylvia was employed in Erickson by the Erickson Creamery until her marriage in 1953, to Wallace Larson. (refer to Larson, Jonas and Anna).

Lily Stella, was born in 1937. She attended grade school in Westmount and graduated from Erickson Collegiate. Lily was employed by the Royal Bank in Erickson until her marriage to Clarence Carter in 1957. (refer to Carter, Clarence and Lily).

Leslie Edward, born in 1940. Leslie attended grade school at Westmount and high school at Erickson. He was employed for a short time in Thompson, Manitoba. He then returned to the farm. Leslie married Joyce Cook of Clanwilliam in 1965. They purchased a farm in the Clanwilliam district and are presently engaged in the business of farming. They have one son, Trevor Michael, born in 1966. Trevor attended Erickson Elementary and Collegiate, and is presently farming with his parents.


Wasyl and Warwara came to Canada April 15, 1910, both at the age of 37. They came from Gorodenka, Ukraine, with their three children, George, Lena and Alice, and Fred Kindraychuk, Warwara's son from a former marriage, and settled in the Harrison Muni­ cipality. Warwara passed away in 1912.

Wasyl then married Mrs. Zwarich. They had one