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Carl Victor Carlson Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Annie, Olga, Berna, Nannie. Seated: Ida. Louisa. Carl and Charlie.


by the Family

Carl Victor Carlson was born in Westmanland, Sweden, on November 11, 1847. In 1892, he gave up his work as a Forester in his homeland and immigrated with his family to Canada where he started a country store in the Scandinavia district. Family members who ac­ companied him were his wife, Louise, his daughters, Ida, Annie and Nannie (Mrs. Ted Provost) and a son, Carl Otto who was nine years old. Two of the older daughters, Olga (Mrs. Ci J. Johnson) and Berna (Mrs. John Magnell) did not come to Canada until two years later. The children of school age attended the Scandinavia school.

Following the death of his wife, Louise Carlson, on December 16, 1899, Victor married Andrea Hanssenin 1902. A daughter, Anne was born of this marriage who eventually became a school teacher and taught in the Hilltop and Erickson districts until her marriage to Ed. Larsen.

The family took up residence in the Scandinavia district N.E. 6-18-17W. The patent for the land was applied for on April 7, 1894, and it was granted on April 29,1898.



Charlie Carlson or "C.O." as he was sometimes called, heeded his father's advice to locate on some of the better farm land on the opposite side of Otter Lake. At the age of 17 or 18, he filed for homestead rights on the S.E. 4-18-18W near Erickson. The patent was applied for on November 20, 1900, and was granted on August 26, 1904. With axe and saw, the heavy bush was cleared and the first furrows turned, using a three horse team and a walking plow. While doing this, Charlie batched and lived in a small log cabin that he had built. On March 27, 1907, Charlie Carlson married Ebba Hemmingson, eldest daughter of James and Clara Hemmingson of the Scandinavia district. Their permanent home which was built after they were married was a log house that was later covered with frame; other rooms were added as required.

It was here that their three children were born, Clifford Victor (Kelly), Ethel who died at the age of fifteen and Effie. All were born at home with Mrs. Pete Johnson "on 6" acting as midwife.

The land holding was added to by purchasing the N.E. 4-18-18W from Martin Bergeson and P.K. Peterson on