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Thomas and Lillian Campbell operated a store at Erickson before 1920.


by Jennie Carlson

Anders who was born May 19, 1859, and Anna who was born July 13, 1864, grew up and were married in Sweden. They left Vestbyn-Jamtland, Sweden, with their family, except the eldest son, Ante and arrived at Halifax in 1900, and travelled by train to Souris. The next two years were spent at Monteith Siding and Deleau, near Souris, where Anders worked on the railroad.

In 1902, the family travelled to Minnedosa and then on to Immigration House in Scandinavia. Later they stayed with a couple by the name of Freeman. Anders, in the fall of 1902, took up a homestead S.W. 28-17-18W, where John and Jennie Carlson lived until 1982. The Carlson's first home was built in the southeast corner of the section and they later moved to the Charlie Hill house, near the highway.

Anders died at Erickson on February 28, 1923, and Anna died at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, on February 18, 1950. Anders and Anna had a family of seven children.

Ante was born in Sweden on January 25, 1888. He came to Erickson from Offerdal, Jamtland, Sweden, in August, 1903, and died later the same year.

Christine was born in Sweden in 1893, and came to Canada with her parents in 1900. She attended Hilltop school and later married Leonard Ullberg. (refer to Ullberg, Ivar and Hedda).

Aljredwas born in Sweden on December 30, 1895, and in 1900, came to Canada where he later attended Hilltop school. He married Emma Ehlin and they farmed on the N.E. 5-19-18W east of Onanole. When Alfred and Emma retired, they moved to Erickson where they lived for a number of years. Emma died in July, 1968, and Alfred died in October, 1969.

There were two children; Mildred went to school in Onanole and Erickson. She worked in Winnipeg for many years and then moved to Vancouver where she still resides. On February 26, 1983, Mildred married Graham "Dusty" Miller. John grew up and attended school at Onanole. During the Second World War he joined the Army and served overseas in Belgium, Holland and Germany. John married Phyllis Muir of Russell and they have two daughters, Donna married Lyle McKenzie and

they have a clothing export business in Taiwan. Their three children are Kimberley, Kerri and Kristopher. Judy married Dallas Maynard and they live in St. Albert, Alberta, where Dallas works for the Federal Govern­ ment. They have two children; Shayne and Leigh Ann.

Karl was born in Sweden in 1897, and died at Deleau of Summer complaint.

Lars was born in Sweden in 1898, and also died in Deleau.

Anna (Annie) was born at Monteith Siding, near Souris, in 1901. She attended school at Erickson and spent most of her life there. Annie is presently living at Central Park Lodge in Brandon.

Bror John was born at Hilltop on May 30, 1903. and attended school at Erickson. John and Jennie Landstrom were married at Rev. Lund's house in Minnedosa. They resided on Pt. S.W. 28-17-18W and John did carpentry and roadwork locally. From 1941 until 1967, he went out on elevator construction. John and Jennie moved into the living quarters of what was known then as Erickson W.I. Restroom and were caretakers from 1969 until 1976 when they returned to their farm home. John died May 2, 1982, and was laid to rest in Bethel Cemetery, Danvers. In October, 1982, Jennie moved to Parkland Home, Erickson where she resides at the present time.

John and Jennie had two sons; Morgan was born on January 28, 1930. He attended school at Erickson and started working in the Royal Bank at Erickson when he was 17. Morgan later worked in McCreary, Churchill, Russell, Winnipeg, Morden and Minnedosa. On July 9, 1955, Morgan married Evelyn Vickery of Hamiota. While working at Minnedosa, Morgan contacted polio and died on September 29, 1959. Morgan and Evelyn had three children; Sharon, who was born in Morden on April 13, 1956, and attended school in Hamiota and Prince Rupert, B.C. She is now a registered nurse. Janice was born in Minnedosa on February 14, 1957, and at­ tended school at Hamiota and Prince Rupert, B.C. and graduated from University as a pharmacist. Dennis, who graduated recently as a carpenter from Northwest Community College in Prince Rupert, was born in Hamiota on November 12, 1959. He attended school in Hamiota and Prince Rupert, B.C. Evelyn Carlson Hills, as well as her family, are presently living in Prince Rupert.

Lorne was born on May 26, 1934, and attended Elementary and High school in Erickson, graduating in 1951. He was a member of the Erickson Lutheran Church, an active member of the Luther League as well as participating in school sports and curling. Lome joined the Royal Bank of Canada in 1951 and worked in Erickson, Rapid City, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Brandon, Winnipeg, Camp Shilo and Montreal. He received a Fellowship from the Canadian Institute of Banking in 1977, A Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Concordia University, Montreal, in 1979, as well as Diplomas in Human Resources, in Accounting and Finance, and in Economics-Canadian Institute of Banking. Lome married Donna Bristow on May 4, 1968. They have two children; Gregory born January 18, 1970, and Heidi born December 15, 1971. Gregory and Heidi are presently attending school. The family reside in Montreal.