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Boucher in June, 1979. After their marriage they resided in Island Lake where Ed was employed. Val and Ed are presently living in Thompson. Ed has been employed by Inco and is presently attending Trade School. Valerie is employed by the federal government as a medical secretary for the Department of Health and Welfare.

Grant Elliot, was born on May 10, 1962, in Erickson.

He attended grade school in Onanole and Erickson Collegiate. Grant attended Red River Community College, graduating as a meat cutter, and spent a short period in this trade. In 1981, Grant chose employment in the retail lumber and supply business as an employee of Allied Home Center in Winnipeg. Grant is presently employed at McDiarmid Lumber Home Center in Winnipeg and is attending night school in business ad­ ministration.

Cathy Lynn, was born in Erickson on February 4, 1965. She attended grade school in Onanole and is presently attending Erickson Collegiate where she will graduate in June, 1983. Cathy has been active in the sport of swimming and has recently graduated as an instructor after attending several courses in Clear Lake and Win­ nipeg. Cathy is enrolled in Herzing College in Winnipeg where she will be starting July, 1983, in the field of Computer Technology.


Matilda was born in Bayfield, Ontario, on November 8, 1876. She was educated at Egypt school outside of Elphinstone, Manitoba, and married Les Carter on June 17,1898.

They moved to Shoal Lake, Manitoba, and then to Strathclair where they farmed. Les passed away at Strathclair.

Matilda then moved to Menzie, Manitoba, and lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Percy and Edna Warrington.

They had one child, Edna.

She later came to Erickson with Percy and Edna where she spent her last years. She passed away on September 7, 1969.


Ernest's parents, Magnus and Amanda Challborn, immigrated from Sweden to Ottawa, Ontario, about 1896 where Magnus practiced his trade of tailoring. Their first son, Roy, was born in Ottawa. After two years, they moved to Minnedosa where Ernest was born August 6, 1899. When Ernie was six months old, his parents travelled by oxen with their two sons and household goods to their homestead at S.E. 22-17-18W in the Hilltop district. (refer to Shellborn, Magnus and Amanda).

Ernie recalls oxen being used when he and Roy first began working and driving to Minnedosa for groceries

50th Wedding Anniversary 1970. Seated: Hulda and Ernest Challborn, Isabelle, Ted, Mamie, inset Neil, Irma and Ferg.

and supplies. He has only unhappy memories of driving the slow, stubborn oxen.

In the fall of 1910, Ernie and Roy bought their first horse for $155.00 at an auction sale. Because the boys were minors (Ernie was 11 and Roy was 13 years), they could purchase the horse only if someone backed the note. Victor Wallstrom agreed to do so and to this day, Ernie expresses his gratitude to Victor for this kind deed.

Ernie has happy recollections of driving to town with Roy in a red "jumper" cutter pulled by their first horse "Minnie". The pace was faster and driving a horse was much easier on the temperament as compared to driving the oxen which were hard to manipulate and walked at the slow pace of one mile per hour.

On his 21st birthday, Ernie married Hulda Christina Ostrom. Hulda was born in Torsakers, Angermanland, Sweden on October 12, 1895. When she was 24 years old, Hulda emigrated to Erickson, Manitoba, to join her sister, Sarah, who was married to Eric Erickson. The next year Hulda and Ernie were married and they started farming on N.E. 15-17-18W in the Hilltop district. Hulda and Ernie moved from their first home to rent two other farms before they bought S.W. 16-17-18W in 1929 and settled down permanently. In 1933, Ernie bought N.E. 17-17-18W for $1,000.00 from Mrs. Lillian Smith in North Dakota. Ernie had eight payments to make at 50/0 interest. (In 1981, Ernie was offered $50,000.00 for the quarter section). When the quarter was purchased, there were about 120 acres covered with trees and the rest was sloughs. Ernie spent his winters cutting down the trees with an axe and hauling the long poles on sleighs to Erickson where he sold the firewood for $1.00 a load. There were no bulldozers at that time, so in the summer, the stumps were pulled out by chains and horses. The breaking of the sod was done by horses and a breaking