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plough. The roots were picked by hand and then burned. Over a hundred acres were cleared in this manner. The sloughs were drained and today there are 140 acres of cutivated land. A few acres of trees were left standing for a future building site. Ernie quit farming about 1972 and a neighbour rents the two quarters.

Ernie and Hulda were active in community affairs when their children were growing up. Ernie was a trustee on the Westmount school board for six years and he was an active participant in the formation of the Erickson Co­ op store. They attended the dances that were held at Westmount school every two weeks and played many card games with neighbours. Hulda learned to speak English and taught herself to read and write English. (quite a feat to accomplish on her own and raise six children at the same time!) Hulda was an avid knitter for the Red Cross during World War II. When the children were young, she bought a spinning wheel for $5.00. Most of her winter evenings were spent spinning wool into yarn; dying it; then knitting it into socks, mitts, scarves and sweaters for the six children.

On Mother's Day, 1981, Hulda passed away in the Minnedosa Pesonal Care Home after a lengthy illness. She is buried beside her daughter in the Erickson cemetery.

Ernest and Hulda had six children. All children at­ tended Westmount school and four of them attended Erickson high school and took the 12th grade at Min­ nedosa high school.

Neil, was born June 16, 1921. He left horne when he was 17 years. He worked at construction and in mines in various places in Canada. He is now living in Vancouver, B.C.

Theodore, (Ted) was born August, 1923 and lives in Erickson. He is married to Katie Leier and they raised seven children. (refer to Challborn, Henry Theodore)

Mamie, is an elementary school teacher. She married Seibert Wetteland in 1946 and they farmed in the Danvers district. Mamie taught elementary grades at Tales, Lund, Westmount, Onanole and Portage la Prairie schools. In 1964, Mamie moved to Santa Barbara, California, where she got a divorce. Two years later she married Lloyd M. Anderson. Lloyd was a carpenter and supervised the construction of many banks, schools, churches and apartments in Santa Barbara. Mamie attended the University of Santa Barbara; obtaining her B.A. degree and a California teacher's credential. She taught at a private residential school in Santa Barbara. Mamie and Lloyd had the joy of having her students stay at their home on weekends or part of their vacation when the students were unable to go home to their parents. Mamie and Lloyd belonged to two square dance clubs and en­ joyed many years of square dancing once or twice a week in various cities in Southern California. In 1980, Lloyd and Mamie sold their home in Santa Barbara to move to her father's farm at Erickson. En route, Lloyd died from a massive heart attack at Creston, B.C. He is buried beside his father in the cemetery at Cardston, Alberta. Mamie is now living with her father in Erickson. She teaches nursery school.

Seibert and Mamie had one son, Dwain, born April 17, 1949. (refer to Wetteland, Seibert)


Irma, was born in January, 1928. Irma was an elementary school teacher also. She taught for one year on permit at Oberon because there was a scarcity of teachers during and after World War II. After graduating from Teacher's college, Irma taught in a rural school near Boissevain. In 1951, Irma was in her third year teaching near Boissevain and engaged to be married in the fall when tragedy struck. On the evening of March 5, she and her fiance attended a Young People's meeting in the Boissevain church. Irma was secretary for the organization. A snowstorm blew up so they left the meeting early. Their car got stuck in the snow on a country road. They left the car and began to walk. After wandering blindly in the snowstorm for many hours, Irma became cold and then sleepy. Earl managed to get her to a farmhouse but it was too late. She died from exposure early in the morning of March 6.

Ferg, was born on July 19, 1929. Ferg attended Agriculture college in Winnipeg after completing grade 12 in Minnedosa. Ferg married Vera Johnson in 1953 and they moved to North Dakota where Ferg taught agriculture to war veterans and Vera taught school. A few years later Vera and Ferg moved to Santa Barbara, California where Ferg did carpenter work. In 1966, they moved to Alberta, Ferg attended University, then taught Junior High school before returning to carpenter work. Ferg is now employed by the Commonwealth Con­ struction Company near St. John, B.C. Vera teaches school at Niton Junction, Alberta. They have five children; lone has her Bachelor of Education degree and is employed in Edmonton. She spent two years teaching in Nigeria, Africa, under the auspices of CUSO: Carl and Craig attend McGill University; Bobby attends the University of B.C. and Douglas is attending Edmonton University.

Isabelle, the sixth child of Hulda and Ernest, married Gordon Mutter. They live in Paso Robles, California where Gordon is employed as a carpenter and Isabelle is a school nurse. (refer to Mutter, Herman and Gertie)



Ted Challborn, second son of Ernest and Hulda Challborn, was born August 11, 1923 on the farm in the Hilltop district, S.E. 22-17-18W, and attended West­ mount school and helped on the farm. In March 1944, he joined the army and went overseas and served in Great Britain and Continental Europe. He was discharged in February 1946. He worked at home with his father on the farm during the summer and in the mines in winter in Ontario and Northern Manitoba.

Ted bought the Ullberg farm at Hilltop in the fall of 1948. He married Alice Koberg in March of '51, who passed away August 15, 1952 when their son Kurt was born. Kurt lives in Stoney Plains, Alberta, where he works and owns his own truck. He is married and has two children, Mark 3, and Kristen 2.

Ted continued to farm in the summer and to work in the mines in the winter where he met Katie Leier at Unity,