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Petrunia, Paul, Bill and Mary Chumola.


by Tillie Johnson

Paul was born in Austria and came to Canada alone in 1904.

Petrunia Yakiwchuk came from Austria with her family in 1902. They were married in 1908.

Paul and Petrunia lived one and one-half miles south of Mountain Road on Section 5-17-16W. On that farm they raised a family of four girls and one boy.

Mary, of Minnedosa, married John Wonsul. (refer to Wonsul, Bill and Katie).

Annie, who died in 1944, married Mike Baraniuk, and had five children; Bill, John, Helen, Pete and Tony.

Jessie, Margaret's twin sister, of Brandon, married Stan Semenchuk (refer Semenchuk, Stan and Jessie) and had five children; Bobby (deceased), Beatrice, Tillie, Marjorie and Cornell.

Margaret, Jessie's twin, of Brandon, married Mike Adamski and has three children; Carol, Steve and Pat.

Steve, of Brandon, married Ann Slobodian and they had four children; Larry (deceased), John, Ron and Connie. Three sets of twins died.

In the fall of 1927 they moved to the Kerr's Lake area, Section 3-18-17W and lived there until they sold the farm to Mr. H. Lukianchuk in 1956 and retired in Minnedosa.

Petrunia died in 1962, and Paul in 1965.



by Len and Doris Gusdal

In 1914, at the age of fourteen, Bill Clym left his family and his native land of Austria. He went to make his own way in the "New World". He arrived in Canada and worked for farmers in the Newdale area until he was able to purchase his own farm. In the early twenties, he bought the N.W. quarter of 34-18-18W from Andrew Krog. This is Northeast of Erickson on the Whirlpool River and later in the Whirlpool school district. He still qualified for a homestead, and took the quarter S.W. 10- 18-18W on which the Whirlpool school was later built.

In 1925, he married Catherine Basaraba of Dauphin, Manitoba, and they built a home on the property of N.W. 34-18-18. They had three children, Nelson, Dennis and Doris. Nelson farmed with his father until Bill's retirement in 1968. At that time Nelson took over the family farm, and in 1969 was married to Joan Perry of Winnipeg. They had 2 sons. Nelson passed away in 1978.

Dennis received his teacher's degree in Winnipeg, and began his teaching career in the Erickson school where he taught for six years. His love for sports led him into the Phys. Ed. program. He now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is a teacher of Phys. Ed. at the Warren Collegiate, Warren, Manitoba.

Doris is married to Leonard Gusdal, and after living in Winnipeg, and Brandon for fourteen years, they returned to Erickson where they farm the Gusdal family farm. (refer to Gusdal, Ludwig and Nellie).

Catherine Clym passed away in the year 1968, and Bill in 1977.


by the Family

Dennis Coey was born and raised in the Crawford Park and Onanole District, the only son of Jim and Violet Coey, a Crawford Park Pioneer. He was educated at Onanole School. In 1952, he moved to Erickson and was employed at Gordon's Service. In 1955, he married Norma Vince eldest daughter of Wally and Edith Townley. They resided in Virden, The Pas and Brandon then to Erickson in 1962, where Dennis was once again employed at Gordon's Service until 1968 when Dennis and John Gustafson became partners and bought the dealership which is currently called Parkwood Auto.

Dennis and Norma have five children.

Bryan Dennis, born May 17, 1956, in Virden Hospital, started his education in Brandon and then continued it in Erickson until his graduation in 1975. He worked for Parkwood Auto for a time then moved to Thompson where he worked for R.C.M.P. Telecomms. He was accepted into the R.C.M.P. and started training in Regina in April, 1980, and graduated the same year in October. In April of 1982, he married Christina Zimola and is currently residing in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Sheree Leigh, born September 8, 1957, in Virden Hospital, started her education in Erickson in 1963. Sheree was very active in sports and won several awards and trophies for her achievements. She continued her