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education until her graduation in 1976. She worked for a year in Winnipeg and then moved to Edmonton, Alberta. In October 1978 she married Wayne Slobodian. (refer to Slobodian, George and Olga).

Calvin Grant, born in November 12, 1958, in The Pas, started his education in Erickson in 1964 and continued there until 1977 when he moved to Edmonton where he worked for Esso for a year. He moved back to Erickson in 1978 and worked for Parkwood Auto. Then in 1979 he moved to Brandon to work for Simplot Chemical Company. In August of 1981, he married Valerie Slobodian and they are currently living in Brandon.

Perry James, born October 10, 1959, in Erickson Hospital, started his education in Erickson in 1965 where he continued until 1978, when he started work at Parkwood Auto. He worked in Erickson for two years then moved to Morinville, Alta., where he started work at a Recreational Vehicle Centre and where he currently works and resides.

Maureen Gayle, born March 9, 1961, in Brandon Hospital. Maureen started her Education in Erickson in 1966, where she continued on until her graduation in 1979. She then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where she works for the City of Edmonton. She married Wade Oshust in July of 1983, and they are currently living and working in Edmonton. (refer to Oshust, Edward and Marcia).


by Carla Hendzel

Ernie, as he was known to his many friends, was born at Kirkella, Man., on November 27, 1905. He moved to Elkhorn at an early age and farmed there for a short time before joining the staff of the Elkhorn Creamery where he learned the trade of butter-maker. He later became manager and held this position for a number of years.

On December 17, 1928, he married Mary Cousins, who came to Elkhorn from West Hartlepool, Durham, England, in 1913. They had three children - Olive, Jack, and Margaret Rose. Olive married James Marshall of Manson, Man. They have two children - Ken and Faye. Ken married Robyn Ashcroft of Winnipeg. They now live in Regina, Sask. Faye married Frank Hudon of McAuley, Man. They have two children - Colin and Jaime. Jack married Joan Taylor of Willen, Man. They have four children - Linda, Debbie, Janice, and David. Linda lives in Portage. Debbie married Clarke Guinn of Portage, Man. They have two children - Jacquelyn and Craig. Janice and David live in Brandon with their parents. Margaret Rose married Joe Hendzel of Bran­ don, Man. They have two children - Michael and Carla who both live with their parents.

In 1957, Ernie transferred to Erickson, Man., as manager of the creamery. During his stay in Erickson, he served on the Credit Union Board for twenty years, as Councillor for the Village of Erickson for twelve years, and on the board of Erickson Parkland Senior Citizens Home. He was a faithful member of the Lions Club and the Erickson Chamber of Commerce. He retired from the creamery on Sept. 30, 1971, but returned in October of

Ernest and Mary Collins - 1978.

1974 for a year or so when the creamery served as a pick­ up depot for cream. Ernie remained in Erickson until his death on June 5,1981.

His wife, Mrs. Mary Collins, now resides in Winnipeg House, in Brandon, Man.


by Russell Cook

John Cook Sr. was born on November 4, 1819, in Ayrshire, Scotland. His father's name was Andrew and his farm cornered that of Robbie Burns. In August of the same year, Christina Wallace was born in Ayrshire also. She was descended from the Scottish family of Sir Malcolm Wallace, whose son, Sir William Wallace, played such a large part in the liberation of Scotland in the reign of Edward the First of England.

John Cook and Christina Wallace were married in 1844. Two sons, Andrew and John were born to them. John died when a child. Both of these children were born on their father's birthday.

When Andrew was in his eighth year, he came to Canada with his parents. They settled in Toronto, the father following his trade of mason for several years and Andrew attending school there.

The trip across the ocean was a long and tedious one.

An unfortunate incident occured when Mrs. Cook lost her wedding ring in the ocean, but her husband had another made for her from a five-dollar gold piece.