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Page Index of Forest to Field Volume One

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Lot 21 South

Lot 22 South

Lot 23 South

Lot 24 South

Lot 25 South

Lot 25-26 South

Lot 27 South

Lot 27-28 South Lot 28-29 South

Lot 29-30 South

Lot 30-31 South

Mike Geletchuk Mrs. Lena Stone

Ed Nuepert (Dobbs)

Gus Anderson (Kafe 0 Bed) Wilfred Magnell

Pete Oleniuk - Blacksmith John Frankiw - Blacksmith Mrs. Baxter

Ernie Gustafson

Gust Ostrom

Pete Slobodian

Terry Geletchuk

John Geletchuk

Ostrom - vacant lot

Pete Slobodian - vacant lot John Geletchuk - vacant lot LaTourelle

Pete Slobodian - machinery lot Florian Wolski

H. Miller - Barn

Pete Slobodian - machinery lot Florian Wolski

Gotfrid Johnson

Emil Bergeson

Hansine Bergeson

Ed Bergeson

Carole Bergeson

Ed Londry, Gust Freko, Gordon Freko, Ed Mcinnes, Larry and Wendy Spraggs, Fred Michalchuk

Woods - Teacher

L.B. Gusdal, Frank Murphy, Ed Londry, Dick Smith, Otto Halvarson, Elmer Halvarson, John Slobodian

L.B. Gusdal, Sam Wing Royal Bank

Marius Brekke - Telephone and Bake Shop Mannie Ramgren


John Hrynkiw - house moved in Post Office - Henry Miller

Post Office - Linus Miller Arnold Larson T. V. Repair Burton Enterprises

Reg Nylen - Charter accountant, also lawyer office

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