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Page Index of Forest to Field Volume One

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Lot 8 South

Lot 9 South

Lot 10 South

Lot 11 South

Lot 12 South

Lot 13 South

Lot 14 South

Lot 15 South Lot 16 South

Lot 17 South

Lot 18 South

Lot 19 South

Lot 20 South


Albin Gustafson - residence

Jack Sitko and Harry Dmyterko - Hardware Store Jack Sitko - Hardware Store

Alan Soltys - Hardware - Marshall Wells

Homes of Gustaf Ostrom, Chris Olson, Albin Wickstrom, Alex Mytruk, Harold Stitt. Royal Bank

Frank Hillstrand

Roy and Martha Shellborn Jane Bergwall

Ed Neupert Bowling Alley and Lunch Room John Carlson Case Dealer

Irving Johnson's T.V. and Radio Shop

Inez and Benny Johnson - Dress Shop and Boutique Shop Laura Schmidt - Shop

Ziehlkie - Laundromat, also hairdressing shop by Mrs. Chow Holdens - Boutique Shop

Chris Wetteland's Laundromat and Bus Depot Henry Laughton - Home

Albert Ramgren's Store, and added on living quarters at the back Otto and Annie Halvarson - Store

Co-op Store

Rolf Forsman - Blacksmith Sture Forsman - Garage Oliver Johnson - Garage Chris Skovmose - Garage Co-op Store

John Anderson

Hartvig Hanson - small store and beautiful garden Mrs. Katherine Mochnacz - home

Co-op parking lot, and a mini park - 1983 Arthur and Wallace Munson - Pool Room Val Biczo - Pool Room

Bill Roshka - Pool Room, Bowling Alley and Barber Shop Glen Shell born - Enterprises

Rolf Forsman - Theatre and Dance Hall Municipal Hall - McKenzie - Lawyer

W.1. Rest Room - supported by many outer organizations Perky Pioneers - Part lot

R.M. of Clanwilliam - Municipal Office - Part Lot Co-op Service Station

Victor Nystrom

Mrs. Roman Oleniuk Warwaruks, vacant lot Victor Nystrom

Ed Londry

Albert and Sadie Hanson

Lumberyard - Home Lumber Co. - vacant Tom Hughes - office and living quarters Glen Shellborn

Lumberyard - Home Lumber Tom Hughes Office

Andrew Larson

William Johnson

A. Savage

Glen Shellborn

Mike Geletchuk

Wes Duchominsky

Sture Forsman

Bill Johnson

Mrs. Gertrude Wickdahl John Misanchuk