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staff at Gladstone Garage as bookkeeper. A third son Kevin was born at Gladstone. Jean has worked part time while living at Gladstone. The whole family are active in community work and sports, especially curling and hockey.

Joyce Alice, the youngest daughter of the Allan Cook family was born on August 14, 1944 at Minnedosa. She attended Grey school in Clanwilliam until 1960 when along with Mother, lived with Lloyd at Beausejour and Winnipeg. She graduated from the Beausejour Collegiate in 1962. While in Winnipeg, she worked for the Manitoba Hospital Commission. In 1964 Joyce returned to Min­ nedosa where she was employed at Agri Steel. On Sep­ tember 25, 1965 she was married to Leslie Byskal of Erickson and they moved to the former Archie Hunter farm where they still live. They have one son Trevor Michael born in 1966. While Joyce was still able, she grew a large garden and enjoyed the outdoors. Thanks to Joyce, a wealth of information has been gathered about both our paternal and maternal families. Failing eyesight has stopped Joyce from keeping all records up-to-date but she still remains very interested in this subject.

Many incidents and memories have not been recorded here but to help prepare such a history, was a very rewarding experience. May our memories of those who built so well for our comfort and future be cherished for many years to come.


by Thora Lofgren

Swan was born in 1849, in Iceland, and immigrated to Canada in 1869. Anna Thorwaldson was born in 1857, and came to Canada from Iceland at the age of 18 yrs. Both were working in the Winnipeg area, were married in Winnipeg, Manitoba and came to the Clan william district. Swan homesteaded S.W. 6-17-17W on Sep­ tember 20, 1886. They farmed for some years and on October 9, 1896, he passed away, and is buried at the All Saints Anglican Church at Clanwilliam.

In 1911, Anna sold out and moved to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, where she farmed with her sons. On April 17,1917, she passed away and is buried at the Hampstead Cemetery at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. They had six children:

Jennie, attended Lakelet school. She married John Mattson, he homesteaded N.E. 6-17-17W. They farmed for some years. In 1911, they sold their farm to Charles Colson, and moved to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, later to B.C.

Charles, was born in June 1885, and attended Lakelet school. He homesteaded S.W. 22-17-18W on September 22, 1903, and received his patent on March 3, 1907. In 1911, he bought N.E. 6-17-17W from John Mattson. Later in 1912, he purchased N.W. 15-17-18W. Charles married Hulda Lofgren of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, in March 1915 and moved to the farm at Erickson. Charles passed away in the flu epidemic in March 1919 and is buried at All Saints Anglican Cemetery. Hulda carried on with the farm for several years. In 1919, she sold NE 6- 17 -17W to Chris Fredrickson. She moved to Erickson for


Left to Right: John Mattson, Charles, John, Annie and Swan Colson.

a while but moved back to the home farm. On April 29, 1929, she passed away and is buried at All Saints Anglican Cemetery at Clanwilliam, Manitoba.

John, was born in 1889, went to Lakelet School, and moved to Foam Lake in 1911. He farmed there for some time until he moved into the town of Foam Lake. He passed away on January 9, 1982.

Louie moved to Foam Lake in 1911, farmed for a number of years, and passed away there.

Louise moved with her mother to Foam Lake. She passed away at Foam Lake.

Emma was born in 1892, and went to Lakelet School, moved with her mother to Foam Lake, Sask., and married Percy Johnson of Foam Lake. She still lives there at the age of 92 years.

George owns a cottage, A sauna and a pool, How does he do it, Just teaching school?

George has a Cadillac, A motor boat, good life. George does it all with A good working wife.


by Edna Corbett

Mark was born at Horneliff Valley, Ont., on May 9, 1899. He attended school there and came to Manitoba in 1923.

In 1937, Edna went to Winnipeg and later to the Beausejour district, where she married Mark Corbett, who was in the wood and pulp business.

They moved to Erickson in 1966 and bought a house from John Gregorash. They spent the next summer at Nutimik Lake, being in charge of the camping area.

They are now retired and live in their own home in Erickson.