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Edna and Mark Corbett.


by daughter Rose Murphy

Peter and Mary and family came to the Erickson area from Sheeko, Saskatchewan. They first lived in the Gust Anderson house where Earley's Pharmacy is now located. The children; Elsie, Maggie, Victoria, Rose, Joe and Jim attended school at Erickson. After a year, the family moved to an old log home, rent free, on the Steve Speechly farm S.W. 6-18-18W, later owned by the Arthur Gusdal's. The family then left the district.

A daughter, Rose stayed with the Fred Ostrom family for six years as a helper. She was Erickson's first milk delivery girl for approximately five years. In 1934, she went to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and in 1937 moved to Calgary, Alberta. In 1938, Rose married James Murphy, a C.P.R. Train Dispatcher for twenty-five years.

James and Rose have three daughters, twins, Pamela and Primrose and Penny.

The little lamps of friendship We light along the way

Go shining on far down the years And brighten every day.

Do a deed of simple kindness Though its end you may not see; It will reach like widening ripples Down a long eternity.

Lena, daughter of John and Paulina Coulson. She purchased S. W. 30- 18-17 W where she resided until moving to the Sandy Lake Nursing Home.


Peter "Dub" was born at Russell, October 15, 1913, and Margaret Jamieson was born March 4, 1923. They were married on May 24, 1940. They owned a Hardware Store and had the Imperial Oil franchise in Inglis, Manitoba. In August, 1950, they sold out and moved to Erickson and bought the Imperial Oil business from Albin Gustafson, he also did some grain hauling.

They rented a house from Mrs. Edna Warrington and later bought a lot from Wyman Miller and built a three bedroom home - now owned by Mrs. Philip Gusdal. They took part in community activities, both curling and Marg joined the Women's Institute.

In October, 1953, they sold out to George Knight and moved to Kitimat, B.C. where Peter worked for Alcan Aluminum Co. They now live in Vernon, B.C.

Peter has retired and Marg works part time in a dress shop. They have two children and both attended Sunday School at the Erickson Lutheran Church.

Lindsay was born February 9, 1944, at Russell Hospital, started school at Erickson, graduated from grade 12 at Kitimat, took two years at V.B.C. He is now married, has two daughters. He is a commercial fisherman and lives at Prince Rupert, B.C.

Sheila was born August 20, 1948, at Russell Hospital, received most of her education at Kitimat and graduated in Vancouver. She managed a record shop A.R.S. a branch of R.C.A. records. She is now married and has three children. They live in Vernon, B.C.

A smile is a curve that helps to set things straight.