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Arena), Cubs and is presently on the Board of the Erickson and District Arena Building Committee and Fair Board. She was a member of the Ladies Curling Club. Margaret enjoys dancing, cross-country skiing, bowling and camping. Ruth and Clifton attend school in Erickson. Their first years were in the "Old Erickson School". They both enrolled in Figure Skating and Hockey. Ruth continued in Figure Skating until the Old Memorial Arena was closed. Clifton continued in hockey, which meant travelling to Onanole for three years and then back to Erickson when the New Arena was opened. They took part in the Erickson Lutheran Church Jr. Choir. Ruth continued singing with the E.C.1. singing group. Clifton completed Cubs. They enjoy and take part in all sports activities at E.C.1. Ruth was Secretary­ Treasurer for the E.C.1. newspaper (Purple and Gold) in 1981-1982. She also takes part in Drama. Ruth and Clifton are on the E.C.1. "Reach for the Top" team for C.K.Y. T.V. Brandon. Their summers at camp are en­ joyed with golf, swimming, water-skiing, baseball and fishing.

I remember when little Ruth at the age of 2 years would come over to the house from the trailer, knock on the door and say, "Gaddagen Farmer". (Good-day father's mother).

Our Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve with a few Swedish dishes, pickled herring and hard-bread, Swedish meat-balls, and rice pudding. After the meal everyone would go into the living room and open their "Julklapper" (gifts). A lunch would be served later with lots of coffee (which Klas sipped through sugar cubes held in his mouth), Swedish rye bread, coffee-bread made with cardamon and Krum Kake (crepes), and other sweets. Candles and small Swedish flags completed the Christmas (Jul) decorations.

"God Jul" Merry Christmas

Clifton and Ruth Eden.



by Mary Booth Koping and Elvera Shellborn

Eric and Matilda immigrated to Canada from Angermanland, Sweden. They arrived in Minnedosa July 12, 1904, together with seven of their ten children. Their eldest son, Edward elected to remain in Sweden and Elmer and Margaret had come to Canada in 1903. Their first stopping place was at Wallstroms, but they soon found living quarters in the Carlson house just north of Scandinavia school. Eric had a farm and operated a small brick yard in Sweden and had hoped to go into brick making here in Canada.

Mathilda Ehlin

Tragedy struck the family early. Their baby, Em­ manuel, aged eleven months, died in December, 1904. Early in 1905, Eric became ill with pneumonia from which he never really recovered. He died in October, 1905, and is buried in Scandinavia cemetery. Times were hard for the family so the son Elmer sought homesteads for himself and his mother north of Wadena, Saskat­ chewan in 1906. They were not really happy there and as they became old enough, they left the area one by one.

In 1913, Matilda returned to Sweden to attempt to collect for the property they had sold and to visit her son Edward and his family. Before she could return, World War I had erupted so she remained in Sweden until 1923. This time, she came to Erickson where a number of her children lived. She died in 1932, at the age of 73 and is also buried in Scandinavia cemetery.

Elmer was born in 1883, and came to Wallstroms in the