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spring of 1903 and as soon as he could he sent a ticket to his sister Margaret. He worked at various jobs in the Scandinavia district before going to homestead in Saskatchewan in 1906. Later he worked as a carpenter in Medicine Hat, before moving to the U.S.A. about 1916. He lived there until his retirement when he moved to Mission, B.C. He was never married. He died in 1972.

Margaret was born in 1885, and came to Canada in October, 1903. She was only 17 years old and travelled alone all the way. She came a week earlier than expected so when she came to Minnedosa there was no one to meet her. She walked up and down the station platform at a complete loss. Finally two men from south of Minnedosa addressed her in Swedish. She told her tale of woe so they took her to Mrs. Block who operated a boarding house. This kind lady fed her and then found her a ride to Wallstroms with a Mr. Edwardson. She found work in Minnedosa, first in a hotel kitchen, and then as a maid at the Sparling home, which is now known as "the castle". Later she worked in Melita and in 1908, married Charles Booth. They had one daughter, Mary. Charlie died in 1919. In 1922, she married Olov Olson and lived in Erickson. They had one daughter Elvera. After a long

Enoch and Flora Ehlin.

illness and some months in Minnedosa Personal Care Home, Margaret died in August, 1976. (refer to Olson, Olov and Margaret).

Annie was born in 1887, and worked in Minnedosa, Melita and Medicine Hat before returning to Wadena to marry William Pohlman in 1911. She had three daughters, Mamie (Merriam), Martha (Johnson) and Alva (Bendickson). The family left Wadena, living some years in Minneapolis before returning to Canada, eventually settling at Mission, B.C. Annie was widowed in 1971 and died in March, 1982, at the age of 94.

Emma was born in 1892, and also worked in different places before marrying Alfred Carlson. They lived in Onanole and Erickson. She had two children; Mildred who lives in B.C. and John who lives in Brandon.

Nels Elofwas born 1893, and lived most of his adult life in the U.S.A. He was married twice. First to Edith Brooks, they had one daughter, Margaret, who lives in B.C. His second wife was Minnie Gustafson and they had two daughters; Evelyn and Joann and a son Norman who lives in Coas Bay, Oregon. Nels died in Washington State in 1972.

Jessie and Oscar Ehlin.

Enoch had come to Canada from Sweden with his parents in 1904, and they made their home for a time in Scandinavia. In 1905, after the death of his father and brother, they moved with their mother to a homestead in Hendon, Saskatchewan. When returning from the war, Enoch married Helen Ballsruda. In 1922, with their infant daughter, Eileen, they moved back to Erickson. Helen died in May of 1923, and Eileen went to make her home with her grandparents in Broderick, Saskatchewan. In December, 1927, Enoch married Flora Bengston. Enoch worked on the C.N.R. as section man for a number of years as well as doing other work in the area.