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shared in Vancouver, B.C. They didn't have any children.

Ivan born February 27, 1926, married Norma Ot­ terstatter. He served in the Army in the Second World War and worked in Building Construction in Burnaby, B.C. They have three children; Murray, Gayle and Janice. The family reside at Vancouver, B.C.

Audrey born April 14, 1927, married Howard Toop. . Howard, Audrey and their two children Karen and Allen reside in Burnaby, B.C.

Orville born August 21, 1.928, married Betty Thomas.

They have two children; Donald and Earl. Orville has been in the Hotel business for years and now the family reside in Brandon.

Verna born December 3, 1930, married William Kane.

They had four children; Cheryl married Howard Exner, Donna, Brent married Sandra Schikowsky and Deborah. Verna then married Cliff Munholland and the family reside in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Wilma born April 11, 1932, married Bill Jackson. They had six children; Berry, wife Carole and children Mathew and Kristopher reside in British Columbia. Ronald resides in B.C. Penney Anne married Les Stanchuk of Russell, Manitoba. They have one child, Cale. Sherry married Stan Ewaniuk of Russell, Manitoba. They reside in Edmonton, Alberta. Blaine and Kelly reside in British Columbia. Wilma married Buster Cain who died, then she married Jack Lewis. They reside in Nanaimo, B.C.

Thelma born September 26, 1934, married Les Matheson and reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They haven't any children.

Carole born June 12, 1941, married Frank Hyra. They and their four sons; Sheldon, Randall, Kevin and Bradley reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ernest married a widow Lena Gareau on August 31, 1974 and they reside in Erickson.


The Ernest Erickson family. Left to Right: Wilma, Thelma, Audrey, Ernest, Orville, Hilma, Ivan, Carol, Margaret and Verna.


Erik married Amanda Thoren on July 16, 1897, daughter of John and Margaret Thoren, at the Scan­ dinavia Church. This wedding is believed to be the Norse Wedding by Canon Wharton Gill.

Erik homesteaded on N.W. 4-17-18W on September 28, 1894 and received title on November 13, 1899. Later" purchasing N.E. 5-17-18W, they farmed until the early 1920's, when they moved to British Columbia. They had four children.


by Arthur and Lorne Erven

Adolphus was born in Ontario, son of Thomas and Harriet Erven of Ontario. In 1882, he decided to go west and try his luck. He applied for a homestead on N.E. 14- 16-18W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, now Minto Municipality.

Adolphus married Margaret Greenlaw. They had five children; James, Thomas, John, Robert and Harriet.

Margaret and son Robert died of diphtheria in 1891, and are buried in Minnedosa, Manitoba. In 1893, Adolphus married Florence Proutt, and they had three children; Ellen, Margaret and Walter. In 1898 the family moved to North Dakota. Adolphus and Florence are buried in Bantry, North Dakota.

James was born in 1875, and he married Margaret McKenzie, farmed on N.E. 16-16-18W till his death. Margaret remarried Dr. Rothwell in 1948. They had eight children.

William married Irene Moad and they farmed on N .E. 34-16-18W. William passed away in 1977. Irene resides in Minnedosa. They had six children. Lome bought the home farm N.E. 16-16-18W in 1961. He married Dawn Hunt and have four children; Keith, Craig, Laura and Alison. Craig passed away in 1968. Lome and Dawn are the fifth generation living on the home farm. Eleanor married James Paisley, have three children; Janet, married Larry Kurz and have three children. Wilma married Peter Kozluk and have two sets of twins. Marilyn married James Johnson. (refer to Johnson, Roy and Christine). Deane married Les Rankin.

Robert married Margaret Storey. They have one daughter Heather. She married Brian Griffith and they have two children.

Charles married Margaret Sprott and have three children. They now live in Ontario. Charles passed away in 1957.

Mary died at the age of one year.

Lillian maried Henry Thompson of Clanwilliam. They had four children.

Norman "Thomas" married Margaret Frazer. Torn died in 1946, Margaret in 1950. They had two daughters; Gwen and Mavis who lived with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Frazer in Clanwilliam. Gwen married Jack Webb and has two sons. Mavis married Ron Munro and has two children.