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Lloyd Norberg born December 8, 1930. He stayed on the farm to help his father, then worked at Shilo, Manitoba and Riding Mountain National Park. He married Germaine Ruel in 1968, at Onanole. Lloyd worked at Birtle and Winnipeg. He accepted a job as Ice Maker in the Curling Rink and Greenskeeper on the Golf Course at Brandon Recreation Centre, Brandon, Manitoba. They reside in Brandon. Germaine had four children from a previous marriage; Lucille, Cheryl, Curry and Chris.


Alexander, twin son of August and Hilda Erickson was born April 8, 1898. After his mother's death, he lived at the Freeman home in the Hilltop district where he also attended school and worked on farms. Alex married Elvina Landstrom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Landstrom of the Danvers area. They lived on N.E. 22- 19-19W and then to his father's homestead N. W. 22-18- 18W until they settled on their homestead S.E. 12-19- 18W.

Alex served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War. He was grateful for the visits that he had with his son Harry while they were both stationed in England. Alex had talked to his son Harry just before he made his fatal flight. Elvina has since passed away. Alex is still living at Onanole near his daughter Norma. Alex and Elvina had six children:

Harry, born 1922, attended Tales and Clear Lake Schools. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and trained as a gunner. He served overseas and was reported missing in action June 21, 1943. He died at the age of twenty one. Harry is buried in Holland.

Melvin attended Tales, Clear Lake and Onanole Schools. He worked in the trucking business for several years. He married Jean Reid of Onanole (formerly of Swan River). Melvin farmed and also was employed at the Riding Mountain National Park for thirty two years. Following his retirement, Melvin and Jean continue to reside in Onanole. Their only daughter, Linda, married Michael Stinchcombe of Brandon. They reside near Neepawa and Michael has a Car Dealership in Neepawa. Linda and Michael have two children; daughter Kristin and son Douglas.

Norma, born April 10, 1927, married Fred Minty of Onanole. Following Fred's service in the R.C.A. during World War II, Fred had a mink ranch for several years and then purchased Frith's General Store in Onanole. He sold the store and is now semi-retired. They still reside in Onanole. They have two children; Brian married Diane Sealy of Dauphin. Brian and Diane run a Hardware Store at Onanole. They have two children: Shawn, born Oc­ tober 22, and Derrick, born November 17, both attending school at Onanole. Norma and Fred's daughter Barbara, married Barry Kelly of Onanole. Barry is employed at Riding Mountain National Park. They have three children: twins Tracy and Trent attending school at Onanole and daughter Keri.

Donald born January 29, 1929, at Mrs. Biczo's


Nursing Home in Erickson, attended school at Onanole. He married Evelyn Coey of, Onanole, April 28, 1956. Donny started work at the young age of thirteen. His first job was at Alexander's Riding Academy at Riding Mountain National Park. He owned a Taxi for some time, and then operated the Dance Hall in Erickson, which he owned in partnership from 1952-56. He worked ten years for American Lumber and five and a half years for Beaver Lumber, and at present owns a motel in Portage la Prairie. Donald and Evelyn have two boys:

Ian born October, 1956, and Dale born February, 1959.

Raymond Alfred married Betty Cutter July 30, 1955, and they have two children; Myrna born August 25, 1956, and Murray born November 18, 1959. Ray worked in road construction and mining fifteen years in Northern Manitoba; Thompson, Leaf Rapids and The Pas. He is employed with the Highway's Department as Superin­ tendent at Melita. Daughter Myrna married Bob Smith of Nipawin and they have two daughters; Becky and Sacha. Myrna and Bob recently moved to Russell where Bob is employed with the C.S.P. Food Plant. Murray calls Brooks, Alberta, home. He married Sharyne Shields of Calgary. Murray was widowed suddenly the same year. He owns a store and T. V. Store and is involved in Alberta politics.

Elwood was born March 26, and attended school at Onanole and married Josephine Bone. He worked in the Bush Camps in Riding Mountain National Park. Elwood was killed in a tragic shooting accident in 1969. Josephine and three sons Brian, Bradley and Brent reside in Winnipeg. Elwood is buried in the Onanole Cemetery.


Ernest, son of August and Hilma Erickson was born January 24, 1900, on the homestead N.W. 22-1S-1SW in the Danvers district. He worked on farms in the area. He married Hilma Holmberg on December 10, 1923. They lived on his father's farm, rented S.E. 22-1S-1SW for eleven years, rented N.W. 32-17-17W in the Hilltop area for six years. Hilma and Ernie purchased N.E. 14-17- 18W in the Westmount area where they farmed and resided for 16 years until moving to Erickson, first renting a home and later purchasing it. Ernie worked as a carpenter for Harper Construction building elevators for four years, worked in the Village of Erickson when the waterworks was installed and then to United Grain Growers on construction, retiring in 1967. Hilma and Ernie enjoyed dancing. He played the accordian and occasionally played in an Orchestra. Hilma was a generous person, lending a helping hand when needed. After coming to the Village, she cooked at the hospital for some time and also baby sat in homes. She passed away in April, 1968, and was buried at the Erickson Cemetery. Hilma and Ernie had a family of eight children who attended Hilltop school.

Margaret born April 10, 1924, married and was Mrs.

White for only a few months when her husband died. She then married Ralph Casselman and since his death, Margaret still resides in the home that she and Ralph