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Peter David Ewasiuk, was born on October 13, 1925, in the Lake Audy District, the third child born to John and Lily Ewasiuk. Peter received all his education at the Lake Audy School.

The year that World War II broke out his dad enlisted, so he sold the farm to his son-in-law, Mike Maximitch, and moved the family to Winnipeg. Peter, then a young lad of 14 years, decided that the city lights were not the life for him, so he went to live with his uncle, Nick Fodoruk. He worked out a lot as a farm labourer, ear­ ning a grand sum of $5.00 a month.

When the German prison camps were being built at the White Water Lake, in the Riding Mountain National Park, he was hired on as a cookee in the camp. He also spent five years in bush camps in the Red Lake, Ontario area. Peter returned to the district in 1950, and in 1951 married Gertrude Maximitch,

Gertrude was born on September 12, 1932, to Nellie Maximitch of the Horod District. She received her education at Lake Audy. In 1952, Peter and Gertrude purchased their first piece of land, all bush, S.E. 32-19- 20W for a sum of $550.00, with $150.00 down and $100.00 a year with no interest charged, the land was purchased from Charlie Sojecki. In 1958, they purchased the adjacent quarter, N.E. 32-19-20W from Sandy Finnie. In 1980, they also purchased the N.W. 32-19- 20W, known as the Geordie Hogg farm from Crown Lands.

In 1953, Peter and Gertrude moved to Vancouver, B.C., and there Peter worked for Seagram Distilleries for five years. That job terminated so together they moved back to Manitoba. In the spring of 1959, they rented and later purchased a restaurant in Sandy lake from Gladys Wasylenko. It was called "Gerty's Cafe"; Gerty's mother, Mrs. Nellie Chorney, joined them in the business venture.

It was in Sandy Lake that their three children started school and a fourth child was born. They operated a family restaurant and also a concession booth by the lake during the summer for nearly five years. The restaurant was sold in 1963, to Gerald Chan and the concession booth to Mike Maximitch.

In 1964, a restaurant was purchased in Rossburn, Manitoba. They operated this family restaurant till 1968, when it was sold to Lawrence Gurnick of Rossburn. In 1968, they purchased a house in Erickson from Ben Ward, and lived there until 1975, when they sold to Jeff Kerr. Later on they purchased the Lake Audy School. Peter worked for awhile at the Distillery in Minnedosa until it closed. Gertrude was manageress at the Golf­ Course Club House Restaurant at Clear Lake for nine years from 1968 to 1977. In 1975, they moved out to their farm on N.E. 32-19-20W and built their present home where they now reside. They have four children; who attended Erickson Elementary and Collegiate.

Clarence Lloyd, born February 26, 1953, is now living in Edmonton and working as a cat skinner.

Calvin Lawrence, born July 22, 1954, is farming. He married Joanne Bachand from Morinville, Alberta, and they have a son Jacob Kyle, born April 11, 1983.

Sandra Leah, born April 26, 1956, married Jerry Pastershank of Onanole. They have a daughter Kelly Rae, born August 21, 1982. The family now resides in St. Albert, Alberta.

Dale Edward, born July 29, 1961, is living in Ed­ monton taking his apprenticeship with the C.N.R.


by Myrtle Falconer

Ian Falconer was born on March 24, 1903, in Scotland, later moving to England. He emigrated to Canada and in 1919 began working for Mark Madill of the Clanwilliam district.

Ian Falconer and Myrtle Svenson were married on December 19, 1928, in the Immanuel Lutheran Manze at Clanwilliam. They lived on a farm, S.W. 21-16-18W, where a son, Bruce was born.

Ian purchased a homestead north of Onanole and both he and Myrtle worked part-time for the Riding Mountain National Park. After several years Ian and Myrtle sold the homestead and purchased a small parcel of land south of Onanole where their grandchildren could come and ride their ponies. They remained there until Ian passed away on August 7, 1973.

Myrtle now resides in the Parkland Home at Erickson. They had two children.

Bruce was born on December 31, 1930 and received his education at Onanole Consolidated School. He married Elsie Cummings and they reside in Winnipeg.

Bernice was born on November 10, 1934 at Onanole, with Mrs. George Holmstrom as midwife. She received her education at Onanole Consolidated School and later married Don Serle of Onanole. Don and Bernice worked for Riding Mountain National Park and now reside in Brandon. They have four children, who were born at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit; received their education at Onanole Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate.

Donalda was born on February 20, 1955. She is a Pharmacist at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg.

Torrance was born on December 14, 1957. He is

Ian and Myrtle Falconer.