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employed by Clarence Carter Construction, Onanole.

Heather, was born on August 20, 1959. She is em­ ployed as a Video Operator with Princess Auto in Winnipeg. Heather has a daughter, Jolene, born in June, 1979.

Holly was born on December 25, 1962. She is em­ ployed as Assistant Manager at the "This Is It" shop in Brandon .


In August of 1946, Alex. also known as "Fergie" arrived in Erickson to purchase a building for a Branch of the Royal Bank of Canada. A building on Main Street was purchased and on September 1st the Branch of the Royal Bank of Canada was officially opened. The Staff, at that time was Alex. Ferguson as the Manager, assisted by Archie Lumsden and Aileen Lee, a local girl.

Alex. also purchased a cottage, north of the Frank Morris Blacksmith Shop for his family. Dagmar, David and Shelagh arrived in February, 1947. David, age 6, attended the Erickson Public School. Shelagh was a baby of 3 months.

Alex Ferguson, Royal Bank Manager and his staff, Alex Lumsden and Aileen Lee.

Alex. and Dagmar, never really were able to socialize much, as Alex. was transferred to Minnedosa in April, to replace Mr. George Holtby, as the Royal Bank Manager.

Both Alex. and Dagmar were able to enjoy some curling, and during their short stay in Erickson did make many good friends. While in Erickson two amusing incidents did occur:

1st - While walking down Main street Dagmar overheard two elderly gentlemen talking in Swedish. One remarked, "We must be careful what we say, the Bank


Manager's wife is Swedish". Dagmar, being of Swedish descent really enjoyed living in this Scandanavian Community.

2nd - One day returning home from a walk with Shelagh, Dagmar was surprised to discover an elderly Indian Lady enjoying the warmth of the kitchen. After a cup of tea, the Indian lady departed quite happy, to Dagmar's relief.

David, Shelagh and Dagmar Ferguson.

John and Ellida Forsgren.