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friends and relations. But finally after seven days and what seemed like an endless journey, we landed in Halifax.

There we boarded the train for Winnipeg, from there to Clanwilliam. At last we got settled on our first farm in Canada, located east of Clanwilliam N. W. 1/4 3-17- 17W. During this time, Oddvar and I attended Empire School, at first it was a little frustrating trying to learn the English language, but after awhile we managed not too bad. Then we moved to another farm a few miles farther north. There we girls went to Lund School, almost always walking. There were no school buses back then.

Sometimes dad would take us with horse and buggy or sleigh in the winter which was tough at times as the roads weren't built up in those days and the snow often got pretty deep.

We attended the Immanuel Lutheran Church and went to Sunday School there. Later dad bought a 1/4 section nine miles northeast of Clanwilliam, S.E. 9-17-17W.

From there we grew up and moved away. Oddvar served in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, stationed in Toronto, during the 2nd World War. This was called "Little Norway". After that he worked as a mechanic in Winnipeg. Now he and his wife, Janet, live there and have two sons, Jim, and Gary, who is with the R.C.M.P. Both are married. Jim and Marge have no children, Gary and Darlene have three, Sherry, Durelle and Garret. Ingrid and her husband Knut Olavsen who is a fisher­ man, live in Port Alberni, B.C. They have two sons, Gordon and Richard. Gordon and wife Linda have one daughter, Carla.

Paul and wife, Ingeborg, live in Norway, they have one daughter Anita. I Gunhild, married Jim Bold and we farmed in the Clanwilliam, Hilltop and Lakelet districts. We have three daughters. Esther married Jack Holyk and

Gunhild and Jim Bold with three daughters. Seated: Gulbrand and Agnes Fosied.


have one boy, Darryl.

Evelyn and husband Walter Kowalick have three boys, Darcy, Alvin and Blaine.

Alice married Melvin Wade, they have a girl and a boy, Brenda and Jamie. Our son Allan was twenty-four when he was killed in a tragic car crash in 1974.

When mother and dad retired and moved into Clan­ william, Jim and I bought the farm and lived there until 1969 when we moved to Minnedosa. My parents also moved here and, in 1976, they both passed away. Jim died in 1972. He grew up in the Cameron district where his parents farmed and had come from Scotland and England originally.


by the Frazer Family

George Harvey Frazer was born in Clanwilliam in 1895. He attended school in Minnedosa. In 1917 he married Elivena Mary Webber. They farmed the NE 2- 17-18W until 1944, when they moved to Clanwilliam. Harvey became Elevator Agent there until 1950, then

George and Elivina Frazer.