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by the Family

Albert Erik was born in Nausfdal, Sandefjord, Norway on August 18, 1898 and came to Canada in 1929 at the start of the depression. He worked in logging camps in Ontario and then went to Saskatchewan where he did farm work. He came to Erickson in 1933 and worked for farmers in the Danvers district, and in 1935 he started his own shop in Erickson, his speciality was making lines for harnesses which most every farmer had a set and today, there are still some sets in the area in use.

On September 8, 1936, he married Minnie Jacobine Hjelmeland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Hjelmeland. Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Ehlin attended the bridal couple. A reception following the wedding was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. Berg of Danvers.

Albert and Minnie had two sons, Marland and Merril.

In 1939, Minnie passed away and as a small child Marland was raised by his father and the Enoch Ehlin family and when he first started school, stayed for a year and a half with Robert and Adena Hjelmeland. Merril went to live with the Axel Christiansen family.

In January, 1959 Marland married Catherine Hunter of Pilot Mound, Manitoba and they came to Erickson to live where they still reside. They have three children, two sons, Scott of Prince George, B.c., Keith in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a daughter Janice still at home. Albert passed away in February of 1981 at the age of 82 years.


Marland, Albert and Merril Furevick.

Do you know that your thoughts rule your life, Be they pure or impure in the strife?

And you make or you mar your success

In the world by your thoughts.

Left to Right: Marland, Keith, Scott, Front, Seated: Cathy and Janice.


George Gareau was born December 27, 1887. George first lived with his parents, Andrew and Jessie (Howse) Gareau, on the Viking Valley Farm. He married Clara Hanson. They had twin boys who died in infancy, and that same year his wife died of the 'flu during the Epidemic of 1918.

George then married Lena Beskal. Wasylyna (Lena) was born January 10, 1903 in Gorodenka in the Ukraine (now U.S.S.R.) They rented several different farms in the Clanwilliam Municipality until they purchased the S.W. 34-18-18W, where they lived for 10 years. George and

George and Lena Gareau.