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Lena had 1 daughter who died in infancy. In 1962 they sold their farm and retired in Erickson. George died in 1963, and is buried in the Erickson Cemetery.

Lena married Ernest Erickson and they reside in Erickson, Man. (Refer to Erickson, Ernest)


by Orma Gibbons

Harry Lome Gibbons was born November 25, 1908 in the Rural Municipality of Elton, north of Brandon. He lived on the family farm N.W. 17-11-18W until 1933 when he left for Winfield, B.C. to find work. It was there he met me, Orma Thomson of Oyama, B.C. and we were married in 1940.

In 1941, we moved up on the mountain east of Kelowna, B.C., and started a sawmill. While up there, our first son Lome and daughter Beverlie were born. In 1947, we moved down to Ellison, B.C. to be near a school. It was here that another daughter Audrey and two more sons; Ian and Brian were born.

In 1972, while here on vacation, Harry bought the Olav Shellborn farm N.W. 27-18-18W. For the first four years, Harry and I with Ian and Brian, operated both the Manitoba and B.C. farms by travelling from one to the other.

In 1977, the farm in B.C. was sold and we moved here to stay. Harry passed away October 27, 1981 and is buried in the Bethel Lutheran Cemetery.

I still live on the farm with Ian and Brian who work the farm.


by Olav Gilleshammer

Olav Gilleshammer was born in Norway in the year 1900. In 1924, he emigrated to Canada with the assurance of a job with the Canadian National Railway. Karly Mosti arrived in Canada in 1930 to assist an older sister with her family. Olav and Karly met in Winnipeg, and were married in 1933. In November of 1943, the Gilleshammer family moved to Erickson where Olav had become the section foreman with the C.N.R. By this time, two sons, Ken and Harold, had been born.

In 1947, the Gilleshammer family made a trip "home" to Norway. Olav remained for three months before having to return to his job in Erickson. Karly and the boys remained in Norway for a full year. The highlights of this trip for the adults was renewing acquaintances with family and friends. For the boys it was a first meeting with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a glorious and unforgettable year.

The 1950's were the school years for the boys who attended the Erickson Elementary School as well as Erickson Collegiate. Ken left school in 1958 to commence a career in banking with the Bank of Nova Scotia in Brandon. He was later transferred to various points in Alberta, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and now resides in Winnipeg. In 1966, he married Pat Reickert and they


Kenneth, Harold, Karly and Olav Gillishammer.

have three children, Brian, Janet Lynn, and Allen. Harold completed his education in Erickson Collegiate in 1960. Following one year of permit teaching, he attended Brandon College for a period of four years. In 1965, he began his teaching career with Rolling River School Division. For the past eleven years he has been the principal of Minnedosa Collegiate. Harold married Diana Poole in 1967, and they have two daughters Susan and Barbra.

In 1965 Olav retired from his position with the C.N.R., and he and Karly have enjoyed retirement in their home in Erickson. They have enjoyed numerous trips across Canada and to Norway during their retirement years, but now prefer to be at home to their family and friends in Erickson.


by daughter Marlene

s. Oscar, a Royal Bank Manager, his wife Vina and daughters Marlene and Heather came to Erickson in July, 1952, from Melita, Manitoba.

Oscar and Vina Goodman and children Marlene and Heather.