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and see them all. We have fifteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. When all the children were through school and away from home we sold our home and we now live in the Swedish Canadian Manor in Burnaby, B.C. We have done a fair amount of travelling. We have been to Sweden and Norway three times. I am now over 85 years old. We are happy here and can reminisce about the past.


Anton Sigvart Mathiasen was born July 16, 1878, in Norway and immigrated to Canada in May, 1914. His wife, Ragna Hagestuen, was born February 8, 1878, in Norway and she immigrated to Canada in September, 1914. Anton and Ragna were married in Norway in 1900. Anton was caretaker of a church and graveyard in Gjovik, Norway, and he also repaired shoes. They had five children; Thorvold Magnus Antonsen born April 25, 1901, Martha born January 25, 1903, Ingeborg born November 19, 1905, Gudrun born March 2, 1908, and Ruth born September 30, 1912.

1914 was moving year for Anton and Ragna. They left the country of their birth to come to Canada, "the land of plenty". Anton came to Canada in the spring to see his parents who had come to Canada in 1890. His wife and children packed their belongings and after a trying time of saying good-bye to their family, boarded a boat that travelled the rough waters of the North Sea, arriving at Halifax, then journeying by train to Winnipeg, missing the train that was to bring them to Clanwilliam, and had to stay overnight in the railway station in Winnipeg. Finally arriving in Clanwilliam they rode in a borrowed democrat to their new "home". They arrived at their destination on the day Ruth was two years old.

They lived in the same house as Anton's parents. They shared the kitchen and living together was not easy. They stayed there only a little while then moved over to S. W. 4- 17-18W. Anton took ill and was in Minnedosa Hospital for a month then was moved to Brandon Hospital and passed away September 16, 1917. He was buried at Scandinavia cemetery. It was extremely difficult for Ragna to cope in this new land. She moved from place to place. With help from kind neighbours who gave her some poultry she had a daily supply of eggs. She baked and sold bread, knitted and sold gloves, and did washing for people in the district to make a few cents to buy the necessities needed for her family. Her children also helped out when they were old enough to be out working. Magnus worked five summers for Charlie Oman and Martha worked at Lanes for three years. Their home church was at Scandinavia, the services were in Swedish language. Ragna passed away at her daughter and son-in­ law's home, Gudrun and Bert Gustafson on May 3, 1933, and was buried at Scandinavia cemetery.

Anton and Ragna's children are

Martha married to Roy Shellborn. (refer to Shellborn, Roy and Martha).

Ingeborg, married to Peter Sandberg, has four

Anton and Ragna Gudbranson.

children, is widowed and is presently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Gudrun was born in Norway, came to Canada in 1914 and married Bert Gustafson in 1932. (refer to Gustafson, Bert and Gudrun).

Two children are deceased.

Magnus Antonsen and his wife Jessie had two children; Mabel and Edward. Following the death of his wife, Magnus left McCreary and went out on elevator con­ struction. He married Mabel Bendickson. He and Mabel retired in Erickson and lived there until their passing. Mabel passed away in 1979, and is buried at Erickson cemetery. His daughter, Mabel Jackson, passed away in August, 1979, and is buried at McCreary cemetery, and Magnus passed away December 24, 1980, and is buried at Erickson cemetery. His son, Edward and his wife Helen and family live in Brandon.

The youngest daughter Ruth was married to Edwin Holmberg. (refer to Holmberg, Edwin and Ruth).


Christian and Jacobine came to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and filed for a homestead on S.E. 12-17- 18W on ovember 7, 1885 and received his patent on April 20, 1903.

Their daughter Jannet was born on October 15, 1880 and a son Gilbert Gustavus on March 10, 1889 and passed away on September 4, 1889.

They have moved out of our district.