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John and Ellen came to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and settled on N. W. 18-17 -18W. Some years later they moved to Cordova, Manitoba.

Tragedy struck when John was killed in a gravel pit cave-in. Ellen and family continued to farm for some years. Then Ellen and some of her family moved to Onanole, Manitoba.

They had fourteen children: Martha, Seiver, Chris, Emma, John, Lily, Thelma, Margaret, Mary, Tena, Gilbert, Sadie and Anton. One child died in infancy.


Chris was born on March 1, 1903, at Clanwilliam, Manitoba, son of John and Ellen Gudbranson. Chris came to Onanole in the early 1930's and he worked at various jobs and in lumber camps. He married Pearl Lillian Mills in 1940. Chris was a park employee for 23 years. He passed away on February 5, 1983. Pearl resides at Onanole, Manitoba.

They had three children; Margaret, married Bill Giesbrecht of Brandon. They have two children, Shannon and Donald. They reside at Brandon. Edward married Connie Kay of Kelwood. They have two children, Clayton and Dwayne residing at Onanole. Ernest married Joyce Macey of Onanole. They have two children, Laurie and Cherly, residing at Erickson.

Chris and Pearl Gudbranson.





by Gordon lngaldson

Severt was born on June 15, in Norway and also received whatever education he had. He was a Forman over the men in a Logging Industry. Severt married Olivia Olson on April 1, 1880. Olivia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson was born in Norway on December 15, 1857. In 1884, they moved to Sweden where he was again involved in the logging business. Severt, Olivia had five children; Marie, Sven, Ester, Christina and Ada immigrated from Jamtland, Sweden in 1898. They settled in the Hilltop district on N.E. 22-17-lSW, applied for a homestead patent on July 9, 1898, made the necessary requirements and received the Title on February 19, 1903. Severt passed away in 1905, at 54 years and was buried at the Scandinavia Cemetery. Olivia and family farmed the land until 1913, when they moved to her son Sven's homestead at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, but they all returned including Sven to the homestead at Hilltop in 1915. The family continued clearing the land. Olivia remained on the farm, later living with daughter and son­ in-law, Lilly and John Benson.

She kept herself busy crocheting and knitting, first taking raw wool, washing, carded and spun it into yarn, making socks and mitts for anyone who needed them. Olivia passed away in 1945 and was buried at the Scandinavia Cemetery.

Severt and Olivia's seven children;

Marie was born in Sweden, married Anaius Block. Sven Leonard born November 15, 1889. (refer to

Gunnarson, Sven and Ebba).

Ester born in Sweden, attended Hilltop school and married Charlie Backlund. (refer to Backlund, Eskil and Augusta).

Christina born in Sweden, attended Hilltop school, married Mack Einboden. Christina resides in Ontario.

Ada born in Sweden, attended Hilltop school, married Oscar Benson.

Lily born in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and attended Hilltop school. She married John Benson. They had two daughters; Violet married Gene Lambert of California and they have two boys, Evangeline married