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and Agnes Harrison. In February, 1958, he left Canada for Texas City, Texas, and in July, 1958, moved to San Marcos, Texas, where he began his present business, "Gunnarson Outdoor Advertising" in 1959. Their three children are: Adele, born in 1955, at Erickson and is presently completing her Doctorate in Audiology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Kimberley born in 1956, at Erickson. Kim is working for Centruy 21 Real Estate and Gunnarson's Outdoor Advertising. Leela Christine was born in 1975, at Kimberley. Curtis, born in 1960 at San Marcos, Texas and is completing his Degree in Marketing.

Earl Ernest, born May 27, 1924, deceased at the age of seven.

Violet Laureen born June 23, 1926, attended Erickson school, married Jim Lowe of Texas City, Texas. They have five children; Michael and wife Donna reside in Japan where he is stationed with the U.S. Navy. Arthur and wife Laura reside in Waco, Texas, where he is an ordained Lutheran Minister. Carole married Curtis Boatright of Trisco, Alan is a Sports director in Texas City. Gary Wayne is attending University in Texas City.

Eleanor Elaine, born November 1, 1927, attended school at Clear Lake and Rackhan. Eleanor married Earl Ullberg of Erickson. (refer to Ullberg, Ivar and Hedda).

Vivian Elizabeth, born December 21, 1929, attended Clear Lake school, married Ed. Carruthers. Vivian passed away in December, 1981. They had seven children; Garvin and wife Maureen reside at Dugald, Manitoba. Myra married Victor Nishi and they reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Alvin, Chris, Norman, Ken and Ebba, all unmarried, reside in Winnipeg.

Bernice Constance, born January 31, 1931, attended Erickson school and was confirmed in Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Erickson. Bernice married Joe Sturgeon who served in the Canadian Armed Forces, taking his family to Europe and also in Canada until his retirement. They reside at Onanole. Joe is employed by M.A.F. and Bernice by Parks Canada, Riding Mountain National Park. They have three children; Bonnie resides in Brandon, Shelly married Leonard Manneville. They are in Germany where he is serving with the Canadian Armed Forces. Marlon and his wife Marilyn reside in Brandon, Manitoba.

Hazel Marie, born July 5, 1932, attended Clear Lake school. She worked for several years for her brother Ivar at Ivar's Gill in Erickson. Hazel moved to Texas, U.S.A., where she married Wm. Martin of Galveston, Texas. Hazel passed away January 2, 1981.

Ethel, born January 24, 1934, attended Clear Lake and Onanole school. She married William Hay thorne. William, Ethel and son Michael reside at Tobermory, Ontario where Wm. is employed on a Ferry.

Elster Lynal, born April 29, 1935, attended Clear Lake and Onanole school. Elster and wife Barbara reside in the Clear Lake district. He is employed by Riding Mountain National Park. Their four children; Gregory, Douglas attending Erickson Collegiate, Jeffrey and Jason are attending Onanole School.

Marlon, born January 23, 1937, attended Onanole school. He later joined the Armed Forces and was a Model for the Armed Forces advertising in National

Magazines, one being the Star Weekly. He retired from the Forces due to ill health, Marlon married Gloria Crump of Winnipeg. She was employed at the Municipal Office, Erickson before going to the Riding Mountain National Park Office where she is presently employed. Marlon and Gloria have a daughter Bonnie attending Onanole school and a 4-H member at Erickson.

Gary Wayne, born May 23, 1939, attended Onanole school, served in the Armed Forces. Gary and his wife Beverly and family reside in Winnipeg where he is a construction worker. They have three children; Dean attending University, Laurie and Todd attend school.


by the Family

Matthias Gusdal, born 1857, and Martha Thue, born 1862, both grew up on mountainside farms near the village of Aheim on the western coast of Norway. In 1882, they emigrated to Benson, Minn. U.S.A. where they were married and settled on a farm near DeGraff. There three children were born to them:

Emma, born 1883. (refer to Lee, Theodore and Emma).

Ludwig, born 1886. (refer to Gusdal, Ludwig and Nellie).

Oswald, born 1888. (refer to Gusdal, Oswald and Anna).

In 1895 Martha passed away and Matthias later married a neighbour'S daughter, Petra Skorge, born 1872. She was also born in Aheim, Norway, and had come with her family to Benson as a small child.

With the assistance of his family Matthias was ap­ parently a successful farmer. He helped many young immigrant men from Norway come to the U.S.A. by paying their fare over and then employing them at least until they had paid their debt to him. He was also quite a businessman and especially enjoyed horse trading. His family claimed that when he drove off somewhere you could never be sure he would return with the same horses. He liked a peppy team that wasted no time on the road. He never learned to drive a car.

In 1911, the family came to Canada and settled on the S. 1/2, 18-18-18W. Matthias' first family was already in Danvers. The heat of Minnesota was a trial to him as he had once suffered a sunstroke and the desire to have the family together prompted this move. A fine house was built at the base of the hill and other buildings added gradually. They became members of Bethel Lutheran Church and generous in its support.

There were seven children in the second family:

Marvin, born 1897, was a farmer all his life, first at home and then on N.W. 6-18-18W which had been the homestead of William Convery. He never married. He passed away in 1962.

Bertha, born 1898. (refer to Wetteland, Fred and Bertha).

Sylvie, born 1901. (refer to Wetteland, Severin and Sylvie).