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the Calf Club and the Seed Cleaning Club which went from farm to farm cleaning grain for the next seeding. He was a Snow Shoer, skier and later curled. Sven and Ebba enjoyed dancing, they would go by horse and sleigh in winter and in summer by wagon to the Community Hall, Crawford Park and Onanole.

Ebba was a gracious host, always had the coffee on for whom ever called for a visit. Sven and Ebba retired from the farm to a home, one mile south of Onanole. Sven passed away in June, 1970. Ebba, later moved to 59 Crestview Place, Onanole, where she enjoys having family and friends call for a visit.

Their fourteen children are:

Melford, twin, was born May 28, 1920, spent part of his childhood on N.E. 22-17-18W in the Clanwilliam Municipality. He attended Clear Lake school and later helped on the family farm. On October 4, 1950, Melford married Eileen "Vicki", only daughter of Adelard and Clara Ledoux of McCreary, Manitoba. Vicki was born November 15, 1918, attended school at McCreary and later operated a Hairdressing Shop in Erickson. She has and is presently working part time at the Erickson Co-op Store. Melford has farmed all his life on the home farm except for a short period, he worked in a lumberyard at Rivers, Manitoba. Melford and Vicki have a son Darrel. born February 28, 1958, attended Onanole school and Erickson Collegiate. He is presently employed in Ed­ monton, Alberta.

John Alexander "Alex", was born May 28, 1920, in the Minnedosa Hospital and spent part of his childhood on N.E. 22-17-18W in the Clanwilliam Municipality. Alex attended Clear Lake school and helped on his father's farm until he served as a private in the Canadian Army as a Cook overseas. On his return, he purchased his own farm, S.W. 11-19-19W. He married Margaret Holmstrom. Alex worked with Industrial X-Ray in Northern Ontario, with Diamond Drilling in Northern Manitoba and also as a carpenter in Brandon. He is at present employed at the Riding Mountain National Park where he has worked for the past 18 years. Their three daughters; Donna Rae born September 16, 1947, at­ tended Clear Lake, Onanole and Minnedosa schools. Donna worked in Brandon and Winnipeg and married Kenneth Lavallee of Winnipeg. Kenneth is at present employed with Gladstone Motors in Winnipeg, where they reside with their one daughter Nicole, born Sep­ tember 2, 1975, and attending school in Winnipeg. Valerie, born September 9, 1949, attended Clear Lake, Erickson and Minnedosa schools. Valerie worked for brief periods at the Co-op in Erickson and at Riding Mountain National Park until her marriage to Larrence (Larry) Shellborn of Erickson. (refer to Shellborn, Glen and Ada). Sheila, born September 15, 1957, attended school at Onanole and Erickson and worked at Onanole. Sheila married Rodney McLaughlin of Onanole. Rodney is employed at Riding Mountain National Park and

Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large/ish goes home through an alley.


Alex and Margaret Gunnarson family. Rodney and Sheila McLaughlin with son Jeremy, Larry and Valerie Shellborn and daughter Angela, Donna and Kenneth Lavallee and daughter Nicole and Scot Shellborn. Seated: Margaret, Alex and grandson Justin McLaughlin.

Sheila continues with part time work in Onanole where they live with their two sons; Justin, born January 30, 1979, and Jeremy born May 16, 1980.

Edith Evelyn, born December 9, 1921, on her grand­ parents, August and Hilda Erickson's homestead, N .E. 22-18-18W. She attended Clear Lake school and started the game of curling with her father at Onanole, travelling three miles by horse and cutter or walked. Evelyn married Gordon P. Ingaldson of Minnedosa and they have three children; Wayne Gordon with the Royal Bank of Kingston, Ontario. He married Norma Stickland who once resided at Minnedosa. Thorburn who is not married and resides in Southern California. Brenda Dale married R. Bryan Whitby, they reside in Calgary, Alberta. Gordon and Evelyn are enjoying their retirement. Evelyn is still active in curling and golfing.

Ivar Leonard Ole was born July 10,1923, and attended Clear Lake school until grade 9. He took grade 10 at Onanole and completed his high school at Minnedosa Collegiate. Shortly after he began work at "Yaeger's Furs", Brandon and left when he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Airforce. He spent four years in the Force, three being served Overseas where he reached the Rank of Flying Officer. After his discharge in 1945, he came to Erickson where he purchased a Grocery Store and Meat Market from Albin Wickstrom in 1946, on the site of the present Marshall Wells Store. In the following year, he added a Restaurant - the "LT. Grill". He also operated "Ivar's Grill" at Clear Lake for four seasons. Ivar was a great promoter for Erickson and worked untiringly for the Board of Trade, the Hockey Club as President and as President of the indoor Skating Rink Building Com­ mittee, and was a Charter Member of the Erickson Lions Club. He always had novel fund-raising ideas and one year ran as a Mystery Carnival Queen. In 1954, Ivar married Geraldine Harrison, daughter of Harold "Lal"