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have a daughter, Megan. The family reside at Calgary, Alberta where Brent is employed with Scotia Bank. Darren William, born 1960, is presently attending Brandon University and plays hockey for the B.U. Bobcats. Blaine Leonard, born 1967, attends Carlton Comprehensive High School in Prince Albert, Sask. where he plays hockey for the Prince Albert Raiders chain. Danica Lorraine Kristine, born 1970, is at home attending Erickson Collegiate and is involved with Music and Figure Skating.


by the Family

Oswald John Gusdal was born in 1888 to Mathias and Martha Gusdal of Benson, Minnesota. He came to Canada in 1908 and settled in the Danvers district on N.W. 18-18-18W which he purchased from Erik Wickstrom. This quarter section had originally been homesteaded by John Holmstrom in approximately 1886, sold to Albert Rognan in 1902, and later sold to

Oswald J. and Anna Gusdal - taken 1918. Wedding.

Wickstrom in 1905.

In 1918, Oswald married Anna Elizabeth Hall, the daughter of Danvers district farmers Erik and Elisabet Hall. Anna had emigrated from Sweden to Canada with her family in 1904 at the age of four. While living on the farm two children, Margaret and Orville, were born to Oswald and Anna. The family moved to Erickson in 1923 where another child, Ruth, was born. The farmland was retained and rented out to various local farmers.

Oswald began working as a grain buyer for Liberty Grain while still farming, in 1922, and continued this for a couple of years after moving to town. In about 1924, he acquired the International Harvester and John Deere Dealerships as well as the Buffalo Oil Company and Royal Insurance Agency. The Gusdal-Wickstrom Motors was established in partnership with Albin Wickstrom as the first General Motors Dealership in Erickson in ap­ proximately 1929. Oswald was also an active auctioneer throughout the Clanwilliam Municipality and surrounding districts.

Oswald was active in various community affairs in both the Danvers districts and Erickson. He was an active member of the Bethel Lutheran Church. He had been a school trustee, Secretary Treasurer of the School Board and a Municipal Councillor for a number of years.

On November 14, 1934, Oswald died at the age of 46.

His death was the result of an accident while moving a building to the location of his new home, which was the first home in Erickson to have running water.

After Oswald's death the family continued living in Erickson and over time disposed of the various businesses he had been involved with at the time of his death.

Anna was engaged for many years in home nursing.

She also provided a home away from home for teachers and high school students who nicknamed her home the "annex to the school". Anna remained active in such community affairs as church organist and Sunday School Superintendent in both the Bethel Lutheran Church in Danvers and the Bethel Chapel in Erickson as well as the Augustana Lutheran Church in Erickson. She became a charter member of the Women's Institute and was a school trustee for Norland. Anna left Erickson in 1950.

Margaret, the oldest child, married Conrad Halvarson,

Margaret, Anna Gusdal, Ruth and Orville.