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Bert and Gudrun were blessed with five children and an adopted niece. The children were baptised, confirmed, and were Luther League members of the then Lutheran Church, Erickson. The girls also taught Sunday School.

Alvin, born on S.E. 18-17-18W, with Dr. Rutledge and Mrs. Tom "Edna" McInnes attending. He started school at Westmount and then to the Erickson school. On October 22, 1955, he married Josie Rudniski of the Erickson district. Alvin was employed with Beaver Lumber at Erickson and Decker, Manitoba. He is now the Hardware Manager at Canadian Tire, Brandon. Alvin and Josie have two children: Curtis, born at the Erickson and District Medical Nursing Unit, attended school in Brandon, and is presently employed at Simplot, Brandon. Sharon, born at Decker, Manitoba and at­ tended school at Brandon. She is married and has a daughter. The family reside at Portage la Prairie Manitoba. '

Bernice, born at Miss Cumming's Nursing Home at Erickson and attended school at Erickson. She taught school for a term and then was employed by the Royal Bank in Winnipeg. Bernice never married, she is an Accountant, residing at Ottawa, Ontario.

Janice, born at Minnedosa Hospital and died in in­ fancy in 1941.

Janet, born at Minnedosa Hospital, and attended school at Erickson. She graduated as a Registered Nurse from the Misericordia Hospital, Winnipeg. On July 23, 1966, she married Ken Watson, who was employed by C.N. Telecommunications, taking them to Hay River, N.W.T., and Winnipeg. Ken was later employed with the Federal ~overnment, taking the family to Ottawa, India and Africa. Ken and Janet adopted two boys, Mark and Jeffrey. In 1976, Janet passed away and was buried at Ottawa, Ontario.

Vivian, born in 1948, at Minnedosa Hospital and attended school at Erickson. She received a Secretarial Course at Winnipeg where she was employed until moving to Ontario. Vivian married Reg Short and they have two sons, Kevin and Ryan. The family reside at

Emelie, Vivian, Alvin, Janet, Bernice.


Mississauga, Ontario.

Emilie, born in the Erickson area to Ruth and Edwin Holmberg, and was raised by Bert and Gudrun. She attended school at Erickson. Emilie married Don Cale of Alexander, Manitoba. They reside at Regina, Saskat­ chewan where they raised their five children. They are, Alvida, Valdyne, Vernon, Myles and Coralee.


by John V. Gustafson

Johan Alfred Gustafson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on March 3, 1854 and was confirmed in 1869. He arrived in America 1887. On June 18, 1888, Johan married Ida Jansson. Ida was born at Askeda, Sweden February 22, 1853. Together they arrived in Minnedosa in 1889 and that same year Johan and Ida moved to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam to N.W. 16-18-17W, Scandinavia. By 1891, they had broken 5 acres of land and cultivated 1 acre, also built a 2 storey home 19 x 29 feet with an upper balcony, as well as 3 stables and a hen house. They had 7 cattle and 3 horses and had fenced 1 114 miles with poles. In 1905, Johan was appointed by the Rural Municipality as a Fence Viewer and Appraiser. He was a very active member of the Scandinavian Church. Family visitations were to Frank Engman's, Adolf Lundgren'S, James Hemmingson's, Sillen's, Hak's, Haakanson's, and Johnson's.

They had five children:

Annie Gullie Marie was born March 3, 1889 at Min­ nedosa. She married Stanley John Engman and later remarried. They did not have any family. Annie passed away December 28, 1938 at Vancouver.

Bertha Christina was born August 15, 1890 at Min­ nedosa. She married Fred Andrew's and they had one son named Renhold. Bertha passed away March 8, 1921 at Vancouver.

Albin Ernest was born January 27, 1892. (refer to Gustafson, Albin and Alma).

Olga Signe Augusta was born June 6, 1893 at Scan­ dinavia and passed away May 27, 1894. Olga is buried at Scandinavia Cemetery.

Nellie Gertrude was born June 2, 1895. She married William Duthie and they had a son James. Nellie passed away October 17,1964 at Chilliwack, B.C.

Johan's wife Ida passed away June 4, 1895 at Scan­ din~via and was laid to rest at Scandinavia Cemetery beside her daughter Olga. Johan later moved his family to British Columbia where he passed away November 22, 1929 and was laid to rest at Plot 282, Juniper section Ocean View Burial Park, Burnaby, B.C. '


by John and Jane

Albin Ernest was born January 27, 1892 on N.W. 16- 18-17W in the Scandinavia area. He attended the Little Red School House, also the Scandinavia church. As a young lad, he worked on farms, threshing gangs and