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farm. They have four grandchildren, Trevor, Susan, Wendy and Kenneth.

Clare took up his high school in Erickson. Later he attended Brandon University, getting his Bachelor of Science degree and later his Bachelor of Education degree. He taught high school in Melita, Manitoba for

Arthur and Anne Haralson.

four years. On leaving his teaching profession, he came back home to take over the Haralson farm. In 1971, he married Paulette Kotyk. Susan Anne was born on September 1, 1972, at Minnedosa Hospital. In her earlier years she was very active in gymnastics and now enjoys piano and 4-H. A very conscientious and organized child, she is the "little mother" of the three children. Wendy Katherine was born on October 25, 1973, at Minnedosa Hospital. A sociable little girl, she has a keen sense of humour. Wendy also takes piano and 4-H. She likes to cook and really enjoys family activities. Kenneth Arthur Paul was born on August 30, 1975, at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. He is a happy-go-lucky little guy with an inventive nature. Being our fourth-generation farmer, Ken started farming at age three! This came about after watching his dad, then making various make­ shift implements and pulling them around behind his tricycle. A sprayer he made out of a big juice can and doll-carriage wheels is one remembered the best. He now enjoys baseball and power-skating.

The family lived in the old house for ten years until it started to deteriorate beyond repair. They then moved into a new house located just south of the old one. As long as time permits the old house will remain standing for sentimental reasons.

The children are attending Erickson Elementary School at the present time, 1983. Paulette works part­ time at the Erickson Post Office and Clare continues to farm. The family enjoys camping, canoeing and picnics in summer, and tobogganing, skiing, skating and curling through the winter.

Shireen Lynn was born at the Biczo Nursing Home in November, 1946. She got her high schooling at Erickson,

later took a hair dressing course in Winnipeg and later a secretarial course. Shireen and son Trevor reside in Winnipeg.

Shireen and Clare Haralson, Trevor, Wendy, Kenny and Susan.


by the Family

John Harding Sr. was born in Belfast, Ireland, and arrived in Canada settling in the Franklin district in 1912. It was here while employed on the McCeotchen family farm that he met Lucy Turchinski. Lucy was born in Buffalo, New York, August 26, 1882, and first settled in the Polonia district. They were married in the Franklin district November 27, 1913.

Together they began farming land in the Clanwilliam municipality NE 2-17 -17W until 1942. Lucy gave birth to seven children. From eldest to youngest they are: Bill, Tom, John Jr., Jennie, Ann, Wallace and Harry. In 1943 they moved to a farm in the Mentmore district and remained there until they retired to Neepawa in 1961. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary November 27, 1963 in Neepawa, Manitoba.

Lucy passed away in the Brandon Hospital Jan. 17, 1966.

John passed away in East View Lodge - Neepawa, Manitoba Feb. 23, 1976.