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James (King) Hemmingson Family. Left to Right: Ebba, Edwin, Hedvig, Hans, Annie, Helga, Karen, James and Olga.


by Granddaughter Elvie Paulsen

James was born January 7, 1858, in Sjoelland, Den­ mark, and immigrated to Canada in the 1880's. He spent some time on the Tug Boats in the Great Lakes area before coming West to Winnipeg where he managed a Hotel known as "Woodstock House", located on Higgins Avenue. The name was listed in the Henderson Directory in 1887-88.

James married Clara Munson, born November 19, 1863, who had immigrated from Sweden. In the early summer of 1886, James and Clara left a nephew Peter Christopher to manage the hotel and they moved to the Scandinavian Colony known as "New Sweden" where he was a Promoter. One of his tasks was to complete the new Immigration House, since the first one had burned in December, 1885. James received a letter from the Dominion Lands Commission - stating that by a Special Grant No. 183, he had been given S.W. 7-18-17W and Pt. S.E. 2-18-18W dated September 16, 1886.

On S.W. 7-18-17W, the Hemmingson's had a two­ storey frame home built in the same yard as the Im­ migration House, sawmill and shingle mill. By 1888, James, known as "King" Hemmingson had sixty acres fenced, 36 acres broken and 34 acres cropped. He applied for a homestead S.E. 4-18-17W on March 24, 1899, and received the title on October 31, 1902.

After the influx of Immigrants had subsided, James and Clara remained in the area and raised their family. They were members of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Scandinavia. A note of interest, A lake in the Riding Mountain National Park has since been named Hem­ mingson Lake.

A small parcel of land on N. W. 34-17 -17W was in Clara Hemmingson's name until 1980 when it was purchased by Einar Sundmark.

Clara passed away August 16, 1930, and James "King" passed away March 22, 1931. They were buried




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at the Scandinavia cemetery.

James and Clara's seven children are:

Hans, born April 16, 1886, at Scandinavia. (refer to Hemmingson, Hans and Beda).

Ebba, born July 10, 1889, at Scandinavia and one of the first pupils in the class at Scandinavia school when it opened. She married Carl "Charlie" Carlson, Ebba deceased May 25, 1961. (refer to Carlson, Carl and Ebba).

Edwin, born July 7, 1892, at Scandinavia where he attended school. He married Edith Erickson, daughter of August and Hilda Erickson. TRey had a daughter Alice, born April 14, 1914, deceased April 15, 1914. He died at 27 years January 4, 1919. Alice and her father were buried at Scandinavia cemetery.

Hedvig, born October 25, 1894, at Scnadinavia. She married Marius Brekke. Hedvig deceased September 17, 1974. (refer to Brekke, Marinus and Hedvig).

Annie Sophie, born April 9, 1896, baptised July 16, 1897, by Cannon E.A. Warton Gill. It is believed, she was one of the babies baptised after the "Norse Wed­ ding". (refer to Norse Wedding). Annie attended Scandinavia school and later married Carl Wick dahl. Annie deceased November 20, 1982. (refer to Wickdahl, Bernt and Gertrude).