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Olga Victoria, born May 12, 1899, at Scandinavia, where she attended school. She married Gustav Freko of Erickson. Olga deceased September 24, 1962. (refer to Freko, Gustav and Olga).

Helga Eleanor, born October 7, 1901, at Scandinavia where she attended school. Helga married John Wick­ dahl. Helga deceased July 19, 1975. (refer to Wickdahl, John and Helga).


by Elvie Paulsen

Hans, the eldest child of James "King" and Clara Hemmingson was born April 16, 1886, and was in the first class at Scandinavia school when it opened.

He married Redo Naslund, daughter of Eric and Britta Naslund. They homesteaded 34-17-17W where they built a five room two storey home where seven of their eight children were born. The children attended Scandinavia School.

Forest fires were always a threat in the area of the Riding Mountain, men must go when called upon. Hans was designated to control these operations. His con­ tinuing commitment to the preservation of forests was recognized by Park Warden Peter Brodie and upon his recommendation to the Minister of Mines and Natural Resources, Charles Camsell, Hans was named 'Honorary Fire Chief for Life'. This token of appreciation was presented to him in 1939 by King George V and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to Canada.

In the late 1920's, Hans and Beda left the farm and resided at Minnedosa. He was employed as a Highway Foreman on No.4 and No.6 during the construction. In 1930, shortly after the birth of son Dean, Beda passed away, and was buried at the Scandinavia cemetery.

In June, 1930, Richard, the eldest son of Hans and Beda received a homestead N. W. 23-18-17W. The land had a fair stand of timber. Richard and Hans acquired the old sawmill again and back to pioneering, this time with a motherless family. The family lived in a granary in Ludvig Johnson's yard until the log cabin was built. A fire at the Naslund home destroyed all their belongings that had been stored there.

Hans passed away February 27, 1951, and was buried at the Scandinavia cemetery.

Hans and Beda's eight children are:

Edith "Edie", attended school at Scandinavia. She married Peter Wanzel and have owned and resided on N.W. 23-18-17W for many years. Pete and Edie have a son, Reginald Richard who resides with them, and has N.E. 23-18-17W Reg is the only great -grandson of "King" and Clara Hemmingson to reside in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam.

Richard, homesteaded N.W. 23-18-18W. His life ended suddenly at twenty-four years of age when the car he was a passenger in, plunged off the dam at Min­ nedosa.

Niame married Edwin Ehlin of Erickson, they moved with their five children to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Elvie, spent two years with the Royal Air Force E.F.T.S. at a Civilian operated station at Neepawa, and

then to Winnipeg where she met and married Ludvig Paulsen. They moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and have three children and four grandchildren, all of Edmonton. Ludvig and Elvie have recently moved to Penticton, B.C., and spent their last seven winters in Arizona, U.S.A.

Aileen, graduated from the Dauphin School of Nursing, served as a Lieutenant, N.S. in the Second World War. She left Canada and became a U.S. citizen when she married Bill Barnum. She is survived by her two sons, Brian, Bill Jr. and a daughter Betsy.

Lloyd, served for two years with the Royal Canadian Artillery in the Second World War, and after his medical discharge, he became an Engineer with the C.N.R. He was elected as Canadian Vice-President of the In­ ternational Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers with headquarters at Cleveland, Ohio. Lloyd married Etta Durham of Sturgis, Saskatchewan. They had two children and three grandchildren. They have a summer residence at Clearwater Lake, near The Pas, Manitoba, and winters in Arizona. Lloyd passed away on September 5,1983.

Inez, married Stewart Hinds of MacDonald, Manitoba. They farmed there for the duration of her life and is survived by three daughters and three grand­ children.

Dean James Eric, born in 1929 at Minnedosa and attended high school at Neepawa and Daniel Mcintyre Collegiate, Winnipeg. He now resides in Edmonton, Alberta.


Peter Gustaf emigrated from Vestergotland, Sweden, in 1892, he came to the Scandinavia area and homesteaded N.E. 5-18-17W on August 22, 1892; received his patent July 7,1897.

Peter returned to Sweden and married Margaret Krantz from Jametland, and later returned to Canada. Margaret and Ina started out for Canada in 1922. In England they would not let Ina travel any further as she had a sore knee and they suspected T.B. Ina remained in England with strangers for three years. At the age of 12 she came to Canada where her parents had settled in Scandinavia.

Gus, Ina's brother, was born in 1922, at Scandinavia, Manitoba. He married Nettie Mazur of Onanole, Manitoba, and they had one son Carl.

Gus worked as a carpenter at Kenora, Ontario, and he passed away in 1971.

Margaret and Ina reside in Erickson. Margaret celebrated her 97th birthday on March 30, 1983. Peter passed away in 1940.

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