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by Eva Hay and Ernest Hill

Frans Gustaf, born in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 30, 1846, and his wife Christina Charlotta, born in Smaland, Sweden, February 23, 1845, and their family of seven childen aged four to fifteen, left Solberga, Jonkoping Lan Smaland, Sweden, April 8, 1887, for Canada. The ocean crossing was a very difficult time for Christina as the men and older boys were separated from the women and smaller children in another section of the ship. They brought food to last them for the trip, also cooking utensils, dishes, bedding and personal belongings packed in large wooden trunks. After arriving in Minnedosa by train from Halifax, they were taken to the Hemmingson Immigration House in Scandinavia until picking a homestead.

Frans took N .E. 24-17 -18W as his homestead, applied for it June 15, 1887, and received the Title, February 21, 1893.

The first winter they lived in a dugout cut out of the south side of a ridge and the roof was made of logs and turf. The next year, they started building above the dugout, which later was used as a basement with an outside entrance. Later a log barn and hen house was built. Frans used a team of oxen to help clear the land.

Frans passed away May 21, 1896. Christina passed away January 25, 1936. They are buried in the Scan­ dinavia Cemetery. The old log home on the homestead was dismantled and rebuilt in 1976. Frans and Christina were blessed with seven children, all born in Sweden. The older children received some schooling in Sweden and the younger childen attended Hilltop school.

Their children;

Frank, born March 5, 1872. (refer to Hillstrand, Frank and Emelia).

Hulda, born in 1873, went to work out west and at one time was as far away as Kitchikan, Alaska. She married Andrew Olsen and they farmed at Czar, Alberta. They had no children. She passed away September 24, 1921, and was buried at the Scandinavia cemetery.

Ida, born in 1875, married Peter Swanson and they made their home on a farm near Cushing, Minnesota. They had a family of two sons and five daughters. Ida passed away in December, 1963.

Alma, born in 1877, married Charlie Boyd and they farmed in the Bethany area for a number of years until moving to Bethany, Manitoba. They had a family of three sons and three daughters. After Alma was widowed, she spent her remaining years in Minnedosa where she passed away at the age of 93 years.

Annie, born January 13, 1879, married Lyman Speer.

They lived on a farm near Clanwilliam, then to Min­ nedosa, Carberry and Winnipeg. They had two sons, Clifford and Jim. Annie passed away September 19, 1964, and is buried at the Minnedosa Cemetery.

Carl August, "Charlie" born July 25, 1880, (refer to Hill, Charlie and Emma).

Selma, born June 20, 1882. She was employed in Brandon, Manitoba, when she passed away at the early age of twenty four years and was buried at the Scan­ dinavia Cemetery.


The Hill Family - 1902. Back Row, Left to Right: Selma, Frank, Hulda. Front Row: Charlie, Christina, Alma and Annie.


by Eva Hay

Carl August "Charlie" son of Frans and Christina Hill was born July 25, 1880, in Sweden. He took over the homestead N.E. 24-17-18W when his father passed away. His mother Christina lived with and remained in his care until she passed away in 1936.

Charles applied for a homestead pt. N. W. 24-17 -18W on June 18, 1901, received the title May 31, 1907, and eventually purchased the remainder of the quarter.

On April 10, 1907, Charlie married Emma Elisabet Ekman. She was born February 2, 1886, at Sarftjarn Gunnilbo, Vastmanland, Sweden, and came to Canada with her sister, Eva in November, 1905, leaving behind their parents, four brothers and two sisters.

On November 5, 1920, Charlie and Emma purchased W. 112 28-17-18W near Erickson from Andrew Carlson. In April, 1921, the family moved except Charlie's mother, Christina and their eldest daughter Hulda remained on the farm at Hilltop for that summer. In the fall of 1921, Charlie moved his mother's little house to the Erickson farm and were all together again. The Hilltop farm was rented to the Howard Brothers for a number of years, then to Albin Johnson and later sold to John Purvis. Over the years, Charlie had purchased more land.

The Erickson farm had very little acreage under cultivation, a lot of work was done to prepare it for growing grain. Gus Bengston helped Charlie build a new barn and an addition to the house.

In the early 1920's, Charlie bought a cottage at Clear Lake from a Mr. Christiansen. The family didn't spend much time at the cottage as they had to help at home, but did enjoy the short stays they had there. The cottage was sold in the late 1930's to buy a new tractor.

Charlie served as Councillor, Ward 11 in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam for thirty years to 1954, and during that time, he never missed or was late for a meeting. He was on the School Board at Hilltop. He was also a trustee for the Erickson Memorial Arena that was built in 1952. He passed away June 24, 1960.

In 1948, Emma and sister Eva, who lived in Tucson,