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where in 1952 she married George Hudson. They have a son, David, born in 1964.

Elvera, born July 9, 1925, on S.W. 28-17-18W with Mrs. Peter Nyquist as midwife, attended school at Erickson. In 1942, she left the area taking a business course in Winnipeg and in 1949, she moved to Van­ couver. In 1952, Elvera married Neil McLeod. They have a son, Ross, born in 1956.

Editors Note: Elvera passed away in December 1983.

Kenneth, born March 25, 1932, at Mrs. Biczo's Nursing Home. In 1948, he went to work in Saskat­ chewan on Elevator construction, then to Vancouver in 1956. He married Maxine Pollon of Onanole and they have four children: Debbie, born in 1958, Derrek, born 1959, Lisa, born in 1965 and Kenneth Jr., born in 1969. They reside at Port Coquitlam, B.C.


by Ernest Hill

Ernest Richard, born January 29, 1918, on N.W. 24- 17 -18W to Charles and Emma Hill. When Ernest was two and a half years, the Hill family moved to S.W. 28-17- 18W. He attended school at Erickson.

During the 1930's, Ernest drove a 1913 Model T Ford for a couple of years until he was able to save enough money to buy a motorcycle which he had for several years. In 1939, he and Louis Biczo travelled and worked in several places in Saskatchewan and Ontario, later returned home to help on the farm. In 1946, he purchased W. 1/223-17 -18W from his father to grain farm.

On June 3, 1949, in Winnipeg, Ernest married Stella Oleniuk, daughter of Wasyl and Tekla Oleniuk. They started beef farming and gradually into Dairy, shipping cream for several years. In 1975, they switched to the Fluid Milk business.

Ernest and Stella's three children were born at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit.

They are:

Lauren Denise, born October 21, 1950, received her schooling at Erickson, also participated in sports and drama. She attended Sunday School at Hilltop Baptist Church and Erickson Lutheran Church where she was confirmed. In 1964, she received the Weir and Paler Shield for 4-H public speaking. Laureen taught school at Carberry and Winnipeg, later moving to British Columbia. In 1981, she married David Bruce and they reside in Victoria, B.C.

Elaine Eluie, born October, 1, 1955, attended school at Erickson and received the Female Athlete of the Year award in 1972. She was a 4-H Club member and in 1968, she received the Weir and Paler Shield for public speaking. While in England, she met Albert Gallaher of Charlotte, North Carolina, and they were married in August, 1980. They reside at Charlotte, N.C.

Bruce Charles Hayden, born March 29, 1958. He was a Cub, Scout and a 4-H Dairy Club member. After completing high school at Erickson, he attended the University of Manitoba taking a Diploma Course in Agriculture. Bruce returned to work with his father on the farm. He enjoys playing ball and curling.


Ernest Hill Family -1971. Elaine, Lauren, Bruce, Ernest and Stella.


George married Amy H. Barlee, and they came to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and filed on a homestead on S.W. 22-17-17W on June 5, 1883, received the patent on December 23, 1886.

One son George Frederick, born on March 13, 1888. They have moved elsewhere.

The Hindorf Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Eskil, Hjalmar, Ingeborg. Seated: Pastor and Mrs. Hindorf'.

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