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by Gale Hi//strand

Frank Alfred Hillstrand came to Canada from Solberga Smiland, Sweden, in 1887, at the age of 14 years with his parents. Surviving was not easy in a new land so hunting became a very necessary thing to do in order to have food and for Frank it was always very much a part of his life. Frank obtained entry for his homestead on N.E. 26-17-18W in December, 1892, but lived with his parents till April, 1899, when he married Emelia Sofia Nystrom and moved to his own farm.

He opened one of the first post offices in the district in 1901. This post office was a very modest establishment located in the kitchen of Mr. Hillstrand's farm home but it played an important role as a meeting place during the years when that district was being opened up for farming and the first settlers were carving their homesteads out of the bushland. During those early years, Mr. Hillstrand was paid the sum of $12.50 per year for his services as postmaster. In those early years, the mail was carried overland from Minnedosa. Later on it was driven from Clanwilliam by horses and then by car to the closing date. In 1926, Mr. Hillstrand and family moved to Winnipeg and his position as Postmaster was taken over by Emil Larson. When he returned to Hilltop in 1932, he erected a building on his farm to serve as a combination store and post office and again became Postmaster. He was Postmaster till the post office was closed, a total of 45 years. Frank was also involved in the building of the first Hilltop school and was Secretary Treasurer for years.

Frank was born March 5, 1872, and died May 6, 1962 at the age of 90 years.

The Hilfstrand Family. Left to Right: Frank, Arne, Clifford and Emelia.

Eme1ia was born October 21, 1877, and died December 23, 1934 at the age of 57 years.

Frank and Emelia had two sons, the eldest Arne born August 4, 1901. Arne married Mabel Oman in 1926 and they lived in the Hilltop district and also in Winnipeg. He died December 31, 1959. They had two daughters, Florence who married Stanford Wetteland and they farmed in the Tales district till moving to B.C. where they now reside. They had one son, Kevin.

Mavis who became a school teacher is now teaching in Brandon. She married Wilson Johnston.

Clifford Linus Hillstrand, the younger son was born April 22, 1904. He lived on the home farm and farmed till 1960 when it was sold to Jim Speer. He and his brother started up a sawmill next to the park line in 1932 and operated it every winter till 1941 when they moved it down to Arne's farm.

Clifford married Margaret Wey, a teacher at Hilltop school in September 1937.

Clifford passed away September 9, 1960, and his wife moved to Erickson and lived till her death on December 4,1981.

They had one daughter, Gale, who married Albert Johnson. They have two daughters, Cindy, married David Horn and they live at The Pas. They have one daughter Jamie.

Michelle, who still lives at home.


by Anna Mclnnes, Ida Wickdahl and Val Wickdahl

Abel Abelson was born at Nordfjordeid, Norway, in June, 1834. He was a shoemaker by trade. In 1866, he married Ragnhilda Rasmus, who was born in September, 1835. They had five children.

Ingeborg was born in January, 1867 and married Silvert Erdahl in October, 1890, in Donnelly, Minnesota. Ingeborg resided in Donnelly until her death.

Abel Abe/jon was born in January, 1869, and did not come to the United States until two years after his parents. After coming to the United States in 1890, Abeljon moved to Canada and died the same year.

Rasmus was born in December, 1871. (refer to Hjelmeland, Rasmus and Ingeborg).

Ole Abel was born in October, 1875, and died in in­ fancy in February, 1876.

Olina "Lena" was born in August, 1877, married Peter Paulsen in Donnelly, Minnesota and moved to Canada with her husband in 1905. (refer to Paulsen, Peter and Lena).

In 1888 Abel, Ragnhilda and their three children, Rasmus, Ingeborg and Lena sailed from their native Norway to the United States and travelled to Min­ neapolis, Minnesota, where they remained until May, 1890, when they moved to Donnelly, Minnesota.

On June 18, 1902, Abel Hjelmeland obtained the S.W. 15-18-18W in the Danvers district. At the age of 69 years he moved to his homestead in March, 1903 with his wife Ragnhilda and joined his son Rasmus and family, who had moved there four years previously. By the time Abel and Ragnhilda arrived, Rasmus had already built two