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On December 29, 1969, all were saddened by the sudden death of wife and mother, Florence. The family and many good friends helped through the subsequent trying period which ultimately changed all their lives. They remained on the farm until April, 1971, when Walter married Frances Cathers of Grosse Isle, a widow with two young boys, Wayne and Ross. In the same year Gerry graduated from Brandon University. Brian, Gerry and Walter found employment in Winnipeg and for a couple more years were together as a family in Grosse Isle. Today Brian resides in Winnipeg, Gerry lives near Grosse Isle with his wife Jean (nee Robinson of Balmoral) and their two children, Ryan Eugene and Shawna Jean, Marilyn lives near Winnipeg with her husband Bruce Hudson.

Walter Holm Family. Brian, Marilyn, Walter, Gerald and Florence.

Lennart Eugene born January 2, 1930, was educated at Nedrob school. He moved with his parents to Winnipeg in 1944 and worked for the National Mink and Fox Farm in Old Kildonan. In 1946, he moved back to Erickson district and worked for Ed Frost in Minnedosa, trucking. He married Janice Coey of Onanole, June 3, 1955, then went to Winnipeg and worked as a Transit bus driver for 12 years. They moved back to Clanwilliam in 1967, and he is presently employed at the Riding Mountain National Park as a carpenter. They have two children, Sharon and Birnie. Sharon married Terry Vellam and they have two children, Tim and Shelley. Birnie works in Winnipeg.

Carl Leo was born on AprilS, 1933, and started school at Nedrob. With his parents he moved to Winnipeg in 1944, returned to Erickson in 1946, and to Clanwilliam in 1949, where he finished his education at Grey School. In 1952, he joined the RCMP and married Lillian Gall from Kipling, Saskatchewan in 1956. They have four children; Myrna, Brenda, Kelvin and Wanda. Leo is still active as Staff-Sergeant at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Linda Marie the youngest in the family was born on May 17, 1943, in the Scandinavia district on 24-1S-1S. She moved to Winnipeg with her parents when she was one year old. She started school in Erickson and finished


her education at Grey school in Clanwilliam. She married Robert Lane from the Lakelet district in July, 1961. They have five children; Mark, Allen, Gordon, Rhonda and Karla. Robert and Linda make their home in Minnedosa.


by the family

Nils and Anna Gustava immigrated to Canada from Vesterbotten, Sweden, in 1904 with two young sons, Helge and Elis. They came to the home of Nils' brother­ in-law and sister, Andrew and Maria Peterson, who farmed in the Hilltop district of Manitoba. On a partial island in what was referred to as Little Otter Lake, the house erected by homesteader, S. Knudson, Sec. 27-17- ISW was vacant and here they made their first home. There on March 15, 1905, Nils Edwin, the first child born in Canada, arrived. Nils soon acquired his own land on S.W. 27-17-ISW and this was the family home for the next twenty years. Five more children were added to the family. In 1915, the flu epidemic took Anna's life, leaving her children ranging in age from 16 to 2 years of age. Edwin remembers that their neighbour, Mrs. Sievert Gunnarson, came to help with the nursing, became ill herself, and that there were thirteen people sick in bed at one time in their home. Nils hired a housekeeper until 1924 when his sister-in-law, Ida Johanson, came from Sweden to make her home with them. She and Nils were later married and they had one son, Lloyd Holgar.

Due to a shortage of pasture and lack of water, about 1926 they bought N.W. 21-17-ISW and moved there, later selling the homestead to Arvid Lundin. This remained the homeplace where Ida passed away on April 17, 1944 and Nils on July 3, 1945. They were buried in the Erickson Cemetery.

The family, who all attended school in Erickson, are:

Helge Alexander, born May 3, 1902, in Sweden. (refer to Holmberg, Helge and Ingrid).

John Elis, born September 13, 1903, in Sweden. (refer to Holmberg, Elis and Sylvia).

Nils Edwin, born March 15, 1905. (refer to Holmberg, Edwin and Ruth).

Hilma Anne, born September 29, 1906. (refer to Erickson, Ernest and Hilma).

Edith Augusta, born August 21, 1905. (refer to Arm­ strong, Sjogren, Alfred and Edith).

Albert Fabian, born January 21, 1911, remained at home helping with the farm work for a few years. He then became employed as a painter working in different points in Manitoba. He married Lillian Olsen and they had four children. They made their home in Erickson until they were divorced and Albert moved to B.C. There he remarried. He passed away from a heart attack in 1970. Lillian has made her home in Brandon for many years. The children all received their education in the Erickson School.

Donald married Elaine Dalke and they have two children, Christa and Karen.

Gail married Kenneth McKenzie and they have two children, Kenneth and Kathy.

Keith married Jackie Walker and has no family.