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The Nils Holmberg Family. Anna. Hilma. Elias. Helge. Edwin and Nils.

Curtis married Wendy Dobbie and they have three sons, Christian, Conner and Collin. The three boys and families all live in Kitimat, B.C.

Anders Konrad. born November 14, 1913, also assisted his father on the farm. During World War II he enlisted in the Canadian army. While serving overseas he married an English girl, one of the few war brides to come to Erickson, where Konrad returned after his discharge. Konrad and Vera made their home in Erickson for a time while he was employed in the area.

They then moved to Lac la Hache, B.C. where he

Lower Right: Nils, Ida and Lloyd.

worked as a millwright in a sawmill and Vera as a secretary for the same company. They have one daughter, Susan, born in October 1951. Konrad passed away from cancer in 1978. Vera and Susan continue to live in B.C.

Oscar William, born October 20, 1916: when his mother died in 1918, his uncle and aunt, the Peterson's took him into their family. (refer to Peterson, Andrew and Maria).

Lloyd Holgar, born July 18, 1928, has never married.

He farmed with his father for many years and continued to operate the home farm when left alone there. His brother Edwin lives with him at the present time.


by the Family

After leaving school, Helge worked at home with his father until his marriage to Ingrid Armstrong Sjogren in 1920. They spent a few years in B.C. where Helge and his brother, Edwin, were employed at the Hammond Cedar Mill. Because of Helge's ill health they returned to Manitoba about 1930 or '31. During this time their three daughters, Edith, Margaret, and Pearl, were born.

Helge was an excellent craftsman and worked as a carpenter with his uncle, John Anderson, at Clear Lake. Some of the buildings he helped construct were Dan­ celand, the three entry gates into the park and several log cabins. He also built for himself a small dance pavilion outside the original park gate. He later sold this property to Abraham Doner, where he operated a grocery store. He also built a home for his family on his father's farm south of Erickson along No. 10 Highway as the children attended school in Erickson.

The Helge Holmberg Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Edith, Margaret, Pearl. Seated: Ingrid and Helge.

After some years they went back to B.C. to Port Hammond where he worked as a millwright in a sawmill. He was also an accomplished boat builder. He con­ structed several small craft and two cabin cruisers. He was transferred to New Westminster and here they spent their last years. Ingrid was an invalid for many years and,