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The family grew up in Basswood, except for John Jr., born in 1882, in Sweden, settled in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. He married and raised a family of eight children. John Jr. and wife both died in 1966.

Alex Emil was born in Sweden, 1883, married Mary Lilley, born 1894. They lived for awhile in Basswood on part of his father's land, and then settled on a farm near Sandy Lake, where they lived until they retired to Onanole. Alex and Mary died in 1959 and were buried in the Erickson Cemetery. They had 16 children. Three of the boys were in the service of World War II. Lawrence and Clifford in Europe and Stuart was taken prisoner in Hong Kong where he died and was buried there.

Helma, was also born in Sweden, in 1885. She married Alfred Olson and had eight children. They farmed near Basswood on part of Mr. Holmstrom's land, until they moved to Kenora, where they are both at rest.

Charlie, born 1886, in Sweden, married, Beatrice Lilley, sister to Mary Lilley. They were married the same day as Alex and Mary. Charlie farmed part of his father's land near Basswood until his death in 1961. Both are buried in the Basswood Cemetery. They had seven children.

Agnes was born in 1890, in Neepawa, while the family were en route to their home in "the hill". Agnes married Harold Harrison. They also farmed on part of Mr. Holmstrom's land in Basswood for awhile, and then settled in the Scandinavia district. They had sixteen children. They retired to Erickson, and after Mr. Harrison's death Agnes went to British Columbia, where several of her children live. She is still living in a nursing home in Haney, B.C., at the age of ninety-three.

Ellen, born in the home in the hill in 1891. She died in 1899 and was buried on the homestead.

George, born in the "home on the hill" in 1893, married Hilma Erickson of the Danvers district. They farmed briefly at Basswood on part of his father's land, then moved to an island in the Lake of the Woods, Ontario, where he was employed in his uncle Eric's Fishing Industry for three years. In 1926, he came back to the Clear Lake District, now Onanole, where he operated the first General Store. They then purchased more land and farmed until his death in 1965. Hilma was a midwife in the area and often assisted Dr. Rutledge. She passed away January 21, 1968, and was buried in the Municipal Cemetery, Erickson. George and Hilma had seven children, four were born at Basswood.

Ernest, born November 17, 1918, attended school at Basswood, and then worked at various jobs until he joined the R.C.A. in World War II. While stationed in New Brunswick as an LAC in the Royal Canadian Airforce, he met and married Kathleen Harper of Moncton, N.B. They have eight children, all born in New Brunswick: Stephen, Karen, Michael, Linda, Patricia, (who only lived a short while), Brian, Ellen, and Patrick. Ernie, dissatisfied with farming efforts in N.B., studied welding, and moved to British Columbia to seek em­ ployment in this field. Ernie and Kay and some of the family now reside in B.C.

Margaret, born March 14, 1920, started school in Kenora, Ontario, and then received the remainder of her schooling in the Basswood and Clear Lake Schools.

John Holmstrom

Margaret worked during World War II at No. 10 Air­ force Base at Dauphin, and in an Ammunition Plant in Toronto, as well as other jobs until her marriage to Alex Gunnarson. (refer to Gunnarson, Sven and Ebba).

Gordon, born September 28, 1921, attended Clear Lake and Onanole Schools. Gordon helped on his father's farm until he joined the Army. He served overseas as L/ Cpl. with the Canadian Scottish Regiment. He was hospitalized for a time with burst ear drums from a land mine explosion. After the war he worked at dif­ ferent jobs until he was employed by the Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting Co. at Flin Flon, where he worked for over thirty years. Gordon married Shirley Smith of Onanole, while they were both employed at Flin Flon. They still live at Flin Flon, following Gordon's retirement in 1982. They have two sons: Grant, born December 8, 1949, married Anna Hendrica (Anneke) Heideveld of Flin Flon. They are both employed and live in Winnipeg. Wayne, their second son, was born June 13, 1967, and is attending school in Flin Flon.

Hilda born December 28, 1922, completed eleven grades at Clear Lake and Onanole Schools. She was employed at an Ammunition Plant at Pickering, Ontario, during World War II, and was then employed as clerk at Mr. Frith's General Store in Onanole until her marriage