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to Walter Carlson. (refer to Carlson, Walter and Hilda).

Verna, (Verne) was born in the Clear Lake District, now Onanole, on October 7, 1929, completed her Grade Eleven at Onanole School. Verne worked as store clerk in Brandon, Riding Mountain National Park and Flin Flon, where she met and married Peter Crux. Peter was a pilot in the RAF during World War II and then settled in Canada folowing the war. He was employed as a bush pilot for many years at Flin Flon, St. Felician, Quebec and in Newfoundland. He was then employed with the Employment Office at Elliot Lake, Ontario, and with the Transportation Department in Ottawa, and at present is employed at Yellowknife, N.W.T., as Air Operations Administrator. They have three children: Martin, born November 18, 1953. Candice, born December 17, 1955, married Robert Bell of Niagara Falls, and they have one son Taylor, born 1979. Jeanette completed Verne's and Peter's family of three. Jeanette was born August 23, 1957.

Twins were born to George and Hilma in 1931, but died in infancy.

Henry, born in the "home in the hill" in 1894, married Mary Carlson. They had two children, a daughter Gladys, a son Arthur was a Pte. in the Lake Superior Rifles in world War II. Henry ran the barber shop and pool room in Basswood for many years, and was very fond of playing the violin. He played for many dances over the years, and took first at several Old Time Violin Contests, and is still playing in his 80's. He now resides in Hamiota, aged 89.

Esther was born in 1895, but died in infancy, and was buried in the old Danvers Cemetery.

Arthur, was born 1897. He married Edith Hem­ mingson and had one son, Harvey. Arthur served in World War 1. He farmed part of his father's land for a time in the Basswood area. When his father's health failed, Arthur and Edith cared for Mr. Holmstrom until he died. Arthur then settled in Texas City, Texas, until his death in 1963, and is buried there. Edith still resides in Texas City at the age of 88.

It was reported in the Manitoba Co-operator in a 1963 issue, that John Holmstrom and his son Arthur were on the committee that formed the Basswood Co-operative Elevator Association. John Holmstrom was elected Vice President at the first meeting in 1926, and son Arthur was elected first Secretary of the Association.

Annie, born 1898, married Richard Chandler. Richard also served in World War 1. They had six children, and their two sons both served in World War II: Alex in the R.C.A.F. and Edward in the Army. Richard worked for the C.P.R. in several towns, until his retirement. They lived in Basswood until his death. Annie then moved to Brandon where she married Garth Sayers. Annie con­ tinued to live in Brandon following Mr. Sayers death, until her death in 1981, at the age of 83. They are buried in Brandon.

Ellen, named for her sister who died, was the last child born in the log house built on the Danver's homestead. Ellen was born in 1901, and she married Berner Wet­ teland. (refer to Wetteland, Svale, and Gurina).



Joseph and Elizabeth came west from Ontario in 1876, to Whitemouth, Manitoba, where the family stayed for one year. Joseph and his eldest sons came ahead to the homestead S.W. 28-16-17W. They erected a house, stable and other buildings, all made of logs before Elizabeth and other children came. In 1878, they received the homestead patent at the Old Land Titles Office in Odannah. In 1893, Elizabeth passed away at 48 years. A young woman whose hardships will never be known. Joseph has since passed away. Joseph and Elizabeth were blessed with nine children:

George and Florence Hopkins.

George married Florence Thilchner on April 6, 1893, at the All Saints Anglican Church, Clanwilliam. They had seven children.

William Edward, born July, 1898, in Ontario. He worked on the farm of Robert Greenlaw's and later purchased S.E. 8-16-17W from Mrs. Bigg. In 1894, William married Mary Jane Baird, who had come from Ireland to help Mrs. Waterfall. They purchased another farm 21-16-17W in the Empire district selling S.E. 8-16- 17W to his brother Joseph. William and Mary had twelve children. Pioneering wasn't easy but there was always time for visiting family and friends.

Joseph Jr. purchased S.E. 8-16-17W from his brother William, continued clearing the land. He married Ida Wilhelmina Johnson sometime after 1900. At three years of age, Ida immigrated to Canada from Sweden with her parents. By 1915, Joseph and Ida had their house and farm buildings built. They farmed until March, 1942, when Joseph passed away. Ida passed away in January, 1970. They had two boys and a girl.

Sarah married James Dagg.

Ben attended Holland school. Approximately 1908- 1910, Ben left Manitoba and received a homestead at